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The Thickest Doughs and Batters Are No Match for This Unique $9 Danish Tool

Food & Wine logo Food & Wine 9/25/2021 Melissa Epifano
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The back of the cooking utensil drawer is where bent and broken whisks and spoons lay to rest. It's unfortunate, but some batters are just too thick for the thin wires and fragile frames of your favorite tools. To battle against the thickest makings of a meal, and even save you the pain of washing your whisks, there's a fun-looking tool Amazon shoppers are turning to for a variety of baking and cooking needs.

“This is literally the best tool I have in my kitchen.” © Amazon “This is literally the best tool I have in my kitchen.”

Ready to tackle thick bread doughs and cookie batters head-on is Stilohome's Danish Dough Whisk. And, as made obvious by the lollipop-like appearance, this isn't your regular whisk. It can be easy to go overboard with kitchen gadgets, but occasionally one will pop up that earns the title of "game-changer," which is what a handful of reviewers have called this whisk.

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To buy: Stilohome Danish Dough Whisk and Bread Scraper, $9 (originally $15) at

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The shape of the Danish dough whisk is wildly different from the balloon whisks you may or may not have a love-hate relationship with. It consists of a flat circle with three inner circles made of stainless steel, and is equipped with a long wooden handle. Because of the unique silhouette, it makes sliding through dough simple and keeps clingy batters at bay.

"This is literally the best tool I have in my kitchen," wrote a shopper who had initially purchased it for one particular recipe. "This whisk blends without clogging up the whisk and blends dry ingredients into wet ones with ease. Now I use it for everything."

Although this whisk "works magic on making dough," according to one person, you'll find it's well-suited for plenty of other dishes. Some people noted they've used it for scrambled eggs, pumpkin pie, meatloaf, crackers, and even mixing up coleslaw. 

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It's even started phasing out, and in some cases, completely replaced, people's coveted stand mixers and handheld beaters. "So handy that I almost never use my KitchenAid mixer," wrote one happy buyer. "I never even touch my normal whisk anymore and that alone is reason to buy this, 'cus we all know how much it sucks cleaning those," added another.

And cleaning really is simple with this whisk. Owners of the tool noted that it's a matter of simply rinsing it off with warm water to get it back in tip-top shape. That means you won't spend an irritating amount of time scraping and scrubbing every last bit of goo from the narrow wires and reshaping them once it's been done.

Your other utensils gave a good fight, but it's time to step up your whisking game with a durable tool that'll still be standing after the mixing bowl has been rinsed. Shop the Danish dough whisk—and the handy dough bowl scraper it comes with—while they're 40 percent off.


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