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TikToker Says 'Ugly Man' Who Catfished Her Wouldn't Let Her Leave Date

Newsweek logo Newsweek 3/14/2022 Matt Keeley
A TikToker says she was "catfished" by a man who used another man's photos on Tinder. This is a stock photo of a catfish in an aquarium. © iStock/Getty A TikToker says she was "catfished" by a man who used another man's photos on Tinder. This is a stock photo of a catfish in an aquarium.

A TikToker shared a video of a man she says "catfished" her, and then followed her away from their date to her Uber.

In the video titled "Catfished by an Ugly Man," TikTokker @sharkbaitoohahah tries to leave a top-floor restaurant while a masked man follows her.

The video opens with the sound of footsteps, followed by a man asking "Why are you leaving?"

"Because I'm on to you,"@sharkbaitoohahah replies.

He follows her into an elevator, and when she hits the button for the ground floor, he hits the button for the lobby. He asks again why she's leaving, and she says because she wants to.

"Yeah, you can, I just wanted to hang out with you a little bit. You came all the way down here," he continues.

The door then opens to the lobby—which has no outside exit, meaning she has to call the elevator back to get to the ground floor. In the added time to wait for the elevator to return, the man continues asking her why she's leaving, and that he wants her to talk to him. She again says she's leaving because she wants to.

"Is that not a good enough reason?" @sharkbaitoohahah asks.

"Not really," he replies after a pause. "No, it's really not—not if you're going to be a mature adult that builds positive relationships."

According to a caption placed on-screen near the end of the video, the man "proceeded to follow me out and harass me by my Uber."

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She also explained in the caption posted with the video that, beyond her initial "on to you" comment, she didn't want to say he didn't look like his photos, because "I didn't want him to get aggressive."

A day later, @sharkbaitoohahah posted a follow-up sharing more detail. In it, she says that the incident happened "a couple months ago."

"I matched with this guy on Tinder. He was supposed to be taller, like semi-fit, Hispanic. Definitely a completely different dude than the guy that actually met up with me in person. So we match that same day. It was like 10 a.m., maybe—it wasn't at night. It was the middle of broad daylight, so I didn't feel that unsafe," she said.

She goes on to say that they were to meet in a restaurant on the top floor of a hotel. When she got there, he had already ordered food for her, which she said was "probably like a way he was going to guilt trip me into staying."

Upon realizing that the man wasn't who she thought he was, she excused herself to the restroom and ordered an Uber—but to another public place, in fear he'd follow her. She slipped out of the restroom and went to the elevator, which is where the first video starts.

"He doesn't follow me, I unmatch with him, never hear from him after that," she said.

The TikToker followed one of the most important rules when going on a date with someone who lied about their identity. For anyone who finds themselves in this position, the best thing to do, according to the fashion magazine Grazia Daily, is to leave.

While it might be tempting to confront a catfish, that can be risky—particularly if the other person could be dangerous. For those who go this route, Grazia Daily suggests doing so gingerly—perhaps asking "Where was your profile picture taken?" instead of an outright accusation.

Still, the safest thing to do is to leave—and like, @sharkbaitoohahah did, leave to another public place rather than going directly home to keep the catfish from learning their victim's address.

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