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Tips to keep your pets safe during Thanksgiving

Panama City WJHG-TV logo Panama City WJHG-TV 11/26/2020 Kellie Sanchez
a dog sitting on a bench: There are certain foods that dogs and cats should not have during Thanksgiving. © Provided by Panama City WJHG-TV There are certain foods that dogs and cats should not have during Thanksgiving.

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG) - Cranberry sauce, stuffing, and pie are some of the foods people look forward to eating with their loved ones on Thanksgiving.

But for our furry family and friends, those treats have to be avoided.

Alaqua Animal Refuge Veterinarian Mindy Moriarty said if you give your dog anything, give them sweet potatoes, green beans, or white turkey meat.

“Everything in moderation, you know you don’t want to take off a big chunk and feed it to them, but if they got a little bit of plain meat, that’s not a problem at all,” Moriarty said.

As for cats, Moriarty said you may have to keep an extra close eye on them because they can get on tables and counters easier.

“I don’t know about anybody else but my cat likes to sneak something real quick and it’s usually a little chicken bone or a turkey bone and she wants to take that off the counter... and even caffeinated drinks, we don’t think about that, but if you set your cup on the counter or set it on the coffee table and you walk away, cats are just known to knock things off of it, or try it first before they knock it off,” Moriarty said.

If your cat or dog gets into food they aren’t supposed to, Moriarty said give them a bit of hydrogen peroxide to make them throw up, or take them to the pet E.R.

Alaqua Animal Refuge says pets can have carrots, celery, corn (with no cob), sweet potatoes, green beans, apples (with no core or seeds), pumpkin, rice, quinoa, a little cheese, and white meat turkey.

Pets should not have ham, grapes, raisins, nuts, raw and mashed potatoes, pre-made desserts, chocolate, garlic, leeks, onions, canned cranberry, raw dough, pie filling, and stuffing.

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