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Toddler brings supermarket to a standstill with adorable dance moves

A show-stopping toddler brings a supermarket to a stand-still as she struts her adorable dance moves. Four-year-old Andrea Hinay was visiting the mall with her mother Aprilyn, 27, when a checkout assistance challenged the toddler to dance for them. Show-off Andrea wasted no time in using the shopping aisle as a catwalk while proudly telling everyone her name and where she’s from. In heart-warming footage, the young girl then showed off her impressive dance moves as onlookers stopped their duties to clap a beat for her at the store in Davao del Norte, the Philippines. Mimicking the style of beauty pageants, Andrea says in the video: ‘''Hi everyone, my name is Andrea Uniz Hinay. I'm found years old, performing live!'' Proud mum Aprilyn, who recorded her daughter, said: ''Our whole family is really proud of her. She's sassy and has God-given talent which makes other people happy. ‘’She just loves showing off her dancing moves. Some of the comments to her video have really made our hearts flutter.''
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