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We Tried 10 Brands and Found the Best Store-Bought Queso

Taste of Home logo Taste of Home 1/27/2022 Lisa Kaminski
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When it comes to dips for tortilla chips, I enjoy a good salsa or guacamole if I can find avocados that are perfectly ripe. But if I spot queso dip at the snack table at a party, that's what I'm dunking into first. Creamy, cheesy, spicy—it's all my favorite snacky things. Of course, I'm always hoping for a homemade salsa con queso, but a good jarred option is welcome on my plate.

Of course, when it's my turn to set up the snack spread—be it for a book club meeting or even a Tupperware party—I want to make sure I've got a really tasty queso dip on hand. To find out which brand tastes best, some Taste of Home staffers and I tried the most popular brands.

The Best Store-Bought Queso

Check out what our favorites were.

Honorable Mention: Salpica Salsa con Queso

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Score: 7.3/10

Looking for queso with a kick? The salsa con queso from Salpica definitely delivered on spice. Right up front, we got some serious chili powder flavor as well as cumin, garlic and green pepper. This queso dip has a thinner consistency, almost like a sauce, so it's great for drizzling over tacos or oven-baked nachos.

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Runner-Up: Tostitos Salsa con Queso

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Score: 8.1/10

When it comes to guilty pleasure foods, a lot of us admitted that we loved concession stand nachos—it's one of our favorite ballpark foods. And Tostitos' salsa con queso is definitely reminiscent of that classic snack. This store-bought queso dip was thicker and incredibly cheesy. There were a few good chunks of chiles in the mix, too, which definitely made this dip taste better than your classic stadium nacho cheese. In the end, none of us would turn this dip down, and almost all of us would grab this one for our next party.

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Best in Show: On the Border Salsa con Queso

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Score: 9/10

It's official: We found a new favorite queso dip. At first, we weren't too sure about this one. This queso had a more muted color and didn't look as cheesy, but looks can be deceiving. This thick, creamy queso gave us the most authentic cheese flavor of any of the ones we tried. Plus, we really could taste the jalapenos, peppers and tomato stirred into this dip. Combine that with a hefty (but not overwhelming) amount of spice and you've got a queso to dip that tastes (almost!) homemade. We'll be pairing this salsa con queso with our favorite tortilla chips again and again.

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The Bottom Line

In this test we learned a huge lesson: Don't judge queso by its cover. On the Border wasn't intensely yellow and it didn't have the same name recognition as many other brands, but it was a darn good jarred option.

And if you don't see On the Border at your grocery store, good ol' Tostitos is a great substitute (and it's great with our homemade pretzel bites).


This blind taste test was performed by our staff and was not part of a sponsorship. All opinions shared are our own and have not been influenced by advertisers.

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