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Yet Another Couple Had Their Engagement Photos Taken at Aldi

EatingWell 3/9/2022 Leah Goggins

Victoria Segovia © Provided by EatingWell Victoria Segovia

There's so much to love about Aldi: the seasonal finds, the healthy items, the Advent calendars and, for some, the romantic ambiance. Back in 2020, Virginia couple Dawn Glass and Patrick Murphy celebrated their engagement and mutual adoration of Aldi with an engagement photo shoot at their local Aldi store. And in 2018, an Alabama couple did the same thing.

Now a third couple is joining their ranks: Shannon Niere and Dan Kuntz added an Aldi photoshoot to their engagement celebration in Missouri. The pair are "die-hard Aldi fans who've bonded over their passion for Aldi products, unbeatable prices and weekly ads," according to an email from Aldi's PR team.

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Victoria Segovia © Provided by EatingWell Victoria Segovia

The happy couple is getting married this month in St. Louis, according to their Zola wedding site. To celebrate, Aldi footed the bill for a local photographer to take pictures of the couple doing lots of normal grocery shopping activities, like speeding down the produce aisle in a grocery cart, stacking ice cream pints on each other's heads and smooching in front of the bagged salad kits.

Photographer Victoria Segovia captured the couple's sweet moments at a local Aldi store. While their wedding website says that Niere and Kuntz plan to get married in a church with lots of beautiful stained glass, we can't help but wish they'd made this Aldi store their wedding venue. Then they'd already have the rice on hand and everything!

Victoria Segovia © Provided by EatingWell Victoria Segovia

Aldi also surprised the couple with a gift basket of Aldi items for their nuptials. We just hope the basket included some of our favorite items, like affordable wines, crispy chickpeas and plenty of charcuterie gear. Either way, we wish this happy couple many years of love, happiness and Aldi Finds!

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