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You Can Pick What Ree Drummond Includes in Her Next Cookbook

The Daily Meal logo The Daily Meal 7/11/2018 Carolyn Menyes
Ree Drummond new cookbook © Courtesy: The Pioneer Woman Magazine Ree Drummond new cookbook

To say Ree Drummond is dominating the food world right now would be a bit of an understatement. The Food Network star has built an empire on her Pioneer Woman brand, with her own hit TV show, a luxury hotel and market in her home state of Oklahoma, a magazine, and a collection of best-selling cookbooks. And now, the food mogul is planning a new cookbook, and she’s asking her fans for help picking out the theme of the recipe collection.

In a blog post on her site, the 49-year-old mother of four revealed she’ll be releasing a new cookbook in fall 2019 but is having some trouble figuring out what angle she wants to go for. So, she wants the people who will be cooking from the book to help her decide.

“I have a new cookbook coming out next fall (October 2019), and I’m getting ready to jump in and start the fun. But as I’m organizing thoughts and recipe ideas, I wanted to include you in the brainstorm by asking, in a nutshell: What would you like to see in the next PW cookbook?” Drummond asked.

Do her fans just want a classic recipe collection with no particular theme beyond delicious? Do they want lighter, low-carb fare? Are they interested in a cookbook specifically focused on slow cookers and multi-cookers? Well, apparently whatever they want is what they’ll get!

In the comments below the blog post, Pioneer Woman fans seem overwhelmingly interested in low-carb and diet-friendly recipes, a bit of a twist from the ranch owner’s wife’s typical comfort food. “Maybe a cookbook with lighter versions/ low carb recipes. Keep everything else the same. I love the step by step pictures!” a reader named Kristen Adkins wrote. Others seem interested in slow cooker recipes and weekly meal plans.

Typically, Drummond’s four other cookbooks had loose themes, recipes that included step-by-step instructions and photographs, and snippets from her life on her ranch.

And while it may seem weird that a Food Network personality is crowdsourcing ideas for her new cookbook, this isn’t the first time Drummond has asked her fans for their recipe ideas. In addition to her Pioneer Woman blog, she owns, where fans can share their own recipes with ease. And if you didn’t know that, you probably don’t know these other fun facts about Ree Drummond.

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