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Here's What Happened When This Guy Attempted 1,000 Situps in One Hour

Men's Health logo Men's Health 5/22/2020 Emily Shiffer

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YouTube's Stan Browney has given himself a new challenge to do while in quarantine: complete 1,000 sit-ups in 1 hour. Browney has become internet famous for taking on such grueling physical challenges, like the time he tried to do the most push-ups possible in 30 seconds, as well as the most pull-ups possible in 30 seconds.

"Are sit-ups the best exercise for abs? No, definitely not," he says before he starts the challenge. Browney doesn't seem to have much of a strategy in mind for how he'll accomplish this feat, but plans to knock out all 1,000 reps in a row.

"I'm pretty confident," he says. A few minutes in, though, he's clearly struggling. "I'm going to feel this tomorrow. This is hard." At nearly the ten-minute mark, he's already hit 200 sit-ups. "I'm going to be so dead tomorrow," he says.

He starts knocking them out in sets of 25, and 20 minutes in, he's inching closer, now up to 400 sit-ups. "This is going to be a challenge. We can do this, I know. But dang, this is not the easiest," he says. After about 30 minutes in, he's really starting to feel some pain.

"I'm starting to hurt a little bit. My lower back...basically, my a*s," he says. "Not pleasant."

But Browney soldiers on, and after a couple more minutes, he's knocked out 600 sit-ups. He decides to grab a scarf to provide some extra back support, but he starts to feel it in his neck.

Not the best exercise for your neck," he says. After 650 sit-ups, he's nearly at his breaking point, noting that he's on schedule, but keeping up his form is hard. Then things really take a turn. "This is is not fun. This is also not an ab exercise anymore. F*ck this," he says. "Everything is hurting. My body really wants me to stop now."

And 52 minutes in, he hits 900 sit-ups, leaving him 8 minutes to do the last 100 reps. But he makes a quick bathroom trip without stopping the clock, leaving him just 7 minutes to finish the challenge.

With just two minutes left to spare, he hits 1,000 sit-ups. "I'm not going to do sit-ups again," he says after he finishes. "I'm dead."

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