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Maneater: The 10 Best Upgrades

TheGamer logo TheGamer 7/3/2022 William Antonio Quick
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A staple in gaming is the concept of upgrading and getting stronger. It creates a tremendous amount of satisfaction to go from rat-hunter to god-slayer with time and perseverance. While you don’t fight such entities in Maneater, you go from baby shark to queen of the ocean.

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You do this by eating everything you can and evolving to be bigger and bitier. The shark can be customized with various organs and body parts to suit your play style. Among all the upgrades and evolutions that you have access to, a number of them stand high and mighty above the rest.

Updated on June 27, 2022, by William Quick: After the release of the shark sim Maneater, the game quickly grew with the Truth Quest DLC. It added more missions, side quests, and a new set of upgrades to test out.

Advanced Sonar

The first ability you unlock as a shark pup is Sonar. This is used to feel out your surroundings, identifying nearby creatures and points of interest. The upside is that no matter what parts you equip, you will always have access to the Sonar ability. The downside is that its base effects are pretty limited, covering a little more than the immediate area.

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However, you unlock the Advanced Sonar ability early on, drastically enhancing its effects. Once maxed out, it can mark targets hundreds of meters away and recharge within a few seconds. This makes it much easier for you to do scavenger hunts and find specific creatures.

Brutal Muscles

From the upgrade screen, you can see that the shark has a list of stats. It includes Mass, Health, Defense, Damage, and Speed. While the first two will go up naturally as you gain levels, the rest are mainly affected by organs and body parts. Each one tends to specialize in one or two stats, but one organ covers all three.

This is the Brutal Muscles upgrade, which you can earn by gaining Infamy and defeating Bounty Hunters. Once received, it can be equipped to provide passive bonuses to speed, force, and tailwhip damage. At the highest tier, it boosts all of them by 30 percent!

Bio-Electric Fins

One of the most important parts of the sharks is their fins. They allow it to cut through the water but directly affect how the shark evades. This movement can range from a simple side-swipe to a twisting barrel roll. That being said, the evasion that the Bio-Electric Fins upgrade allows takes the crab cake.

When evading with these fins equipped, the shark briefly turns electric, giving it 100 percent damage resistance. It’s also very fast, offering a 70 percent evasion speed. To top it off, targets in the vicinity of the evasion take damage and can be stunned.

Shadow Tail

Along with the fins, the shark’s tail also plays a significant role. It can affect its swimming speed, but its primary purpose is to provide a tailwhip attack. This move can stun, knock back, and even launch enemies the shark is holding. It’s quite useful on its own but can be improved significantly with the Shadow Tail.

This allows the shark to launch balls of poison a medium distance, which slows targets down and does damage to them over time. Additionally, it offers a passive ability to overall speed. It’s the perfect upgrade for fighting apex predators.

Atomic Body

With the release of the Truth Quest DLC, the world of Maneater got bigger and took on a more conspiracy theory type feel. As you lead the shark through a web of intrigue to discover the truth behind some happenings in the bay, you’ll gain access to a new evolutionary tree that gives you access to radioactive powers.

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Among them all, the Atomic Body is a must-have for your shark build. The body gives you access to a special power and the Atomic Body lets you charge up a radioactive laser that you can aim at various targets once locked on. This is the most powerful ranged attack in the game and lets you devastate both vehicles and enemies in a manner similar to Godzilla.

Subliminal Evasion

The big blue is filled with flora and fauna that you’ll see while guiding the shark through it. Many of the creatures you see will ignore you, while others will aim to hunt you down no matter how small they are. As you get bigger, the smaller predators will become more of an annoyance while the bigger ones can continuously hound you.

Luckily, enemy-repellant comes in the form of the Subliminal Evasion organ. By equipping this, you can make aggressive creatures neutral to you as long as they’re smaller. However, at max level, attackers smaller than 90 percent of your body mass will ignore you, which applies to most of them!


Sharks are not meant to be on land, which makes it strange that the Maneater shark needs to venture ashore quite often. Many missions and collectibles can only be achieved by flopping your way across the ground to get them. As soon as you land, an oxygen meter appears and begins to deplete rapidly. To make matters worse, the shark moves slowly and awkwardly.

That is, unless you have the Amphibious organ equipped. This upgrade improves your lung capacity and moving speed, which allows you to be more effective out of the water. At the top tier, the shark’s land speed is increased by 50 percent, and its lung capacity by 125 percent!

Bone Head

Most tend to think that sharks rely on their jaws to do damage, which isn’t always the case. Despite being made of cartilage, a shark’s head is hard and they aren’t afraid to ram them into boats. Maneater will pit you against many various nautical vehicles, and the head is your best weapon against them.

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Most of the head options offer passive effects and the Bone Head dominates that category. It coats the shark’s head in bone-like armor, turning it into a living battering ram. It grants bonuses to ramming and boosts resistance to damage and crew knockback.


A beefy shark is a healthy shark and Maneater is a testament to that. Even though the shark will grow large and strong over the game, you’ll frequently be fighting off hordes of attackers. The shark is fast, but so are enemies, which means that it can take back-to-back damage rapidly. Eating is the only way to heal, yet it leaves the shark vulnerable while chewing.

The best way to extend your time in the danger zone is by equipping the Hearty organ. Received near the start, it can boost the shark’s health up to 600 points. As an extra bonus, it also increases resistance to being knocked back by crew members.

Reinforced Cartilage

Two of the key things you’ll need to survive in Maneater are health and resistance. The shark you control starts off small but grows big enough to fight off the coast guard. Even so, without an extra boost, the shark can still be quite squishy. There are many upgrades that improve damage resistance, primarily the Bone parts, but there’s one that’s the most practical.

By finding all the landmarks in the Gulf area of the game, you can outfit the shark with Reinforced Cartilage. This little organ boosts the shark’s resistance to damage from anything up to 15 percent. It’s a simple but practical upgrade that can give you that survival edge.

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