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The 28 Strongest Marvel Superheroes, Officially Ranked

CBR logo CBR 8/6/2022 Sean Aitchison
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Many Marvel fans have debated which Marvel superheroes are stronger than others. These conversations focus on characters who specifically have super-strength instead of just being incredibly powerful. Fans can argue The Phoenix would beat The Hulk, but they rank differently when looking at pure muscle.

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While Marvel's strength scale can sometimes help settle arguments, it also comes down to the impressive feats of strength seen in the comics. There are also several similarly powered heroes, like the Hulks and all the Spider-themed heroes, who boast the same strength scale​​​​​​.

Updated on Aug 4, 2022 by Scoot Allan: The A.X.E. Judgment Day event challenged the most powerful heroes in the Marvel universe as the Avengers fought to stop a battle between the X-Men and the Eternals. Fans witnessed some of Marvel's strongest heroes challenge each other in combat to decide who was more powerful. These matchups, along with established strength rankings for certain characters, helped determine which Marvel hero was the strongest.

Captain America's Super-Soldier Serum Pushed His Body To Its Peak Potential

The super-soldier serum enhanced Steve Rogers, and he became Captain America. The serum pushed Steve's body to the peak of human physical potential, making Cap the strongest a human could be without becoming superhuman.

Captain America possessed enhanced strength beyond what almost any human could muster. It didn't always compare to other super-strong heroes, but that never bothered Captain America. He still wrestled the strongest villains and heroes with his superior fighting skills, intelligence, strength, and years of experience leading the Avengers.

Black Panther's Enhanced Strength Comes From A Heart-Shaped Herb And His Vibranium Armor

The heart-shaped herb found in Wakana gave Black Panther his super strength. T'Challa, as well as the other Black Panthers, acquired strength that rose just above peak human potential. This meant T'Challa and other Black Panthers could lift about 100 pounds more than Captain America.

It might not be much, but it came in handy for the Black Panther on several occasions. His Vibranium-laced suit further increased his strength, allowing him to take on powerful villains who would normally be way above his strength class.

Wolverine's Adamantium Skeleton Strengthens His Healing Factor And Enhanced Physical Strength

Surprisingly, Wolverine is actually stronger than Black Panther and Captain America. Wolverine's power scales are improved thanks to his adamantium skeleton. Wolverine's strength limit may be less defined, but he's proven capable of handling close to two tons.

Wolverine's Adamantium Skeleton prevents his bones from breaking under the pressure of immense weight. His healing factor also contributes to his enhanced mutant strength by allowing his muscles to grow back stronger every time they break down. Ultimately, Wolverine's physical strength can increase each time he heals.

The Beast's Animal Strength Has Increased With Each Of His Additional Mutations

Hank McCoy was easily the strongest of his fellow founding X-Men, and he possessed plenty of agility and intelligence as well. With his mutant animal muscle, The Beast could lift upwards of 10 tons and he pushed past this limit when needed.

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The Beast is a super genius, and he knows how to maximize his strength in various ways. He's gone through multiple secondary mutations throughout his life and grows stronger from each transformation. This means Beast's true upper limits of strength aren't set in stone.

Jessica Jones Can Lift Multiple Tons And Enhances Her Strength With Her Flying Ability

Jessica Jones' powers may have changed over the years, but her strength remains rather consistent. She can lift around two tons but has occasionally handled 25 tons, placing her in a much higher tier. Jessica's super strong versus just having enhanced strength. Her most shocking moments have also proved her strengths aren't just physical.

Her ability to fly makes her even stronger since it adds some velocity to her punches and some lift to her strength. Jones' durability and is also worth noting, as she can push beyond her strength and recover from the resulting injuries with ease.

Spider-Man Has The Surprisingly Powerful Proportionate Strength Of A Spider

Peter Parker gets bitten by a radioactive spider, becoming the powerful Spider-Man. He gains the proportionate strength of a spider, which makes Spider-Man a surprisingly powerful hero. The strongest known spider is the jumping spider, which can lift 170 times its own weight. Applied to Spider-Man, it means he can easily lift around 12-15 tons.

However, the "proportionate strength of a spider" isn't always a hard rule. Spider-Man has lifted upwards of 25 tons in the comics. He's proven he can push himself to lift well over his regular class when needed. His incredible strength and spider-like agility make him a tough target, although Marvel has hurt Spider-Man over the years.

Luke Cage's Bulletproof Skin And Enhanced Strength Earned Him The Name Power Man

He may not go by Power Man anymore, but Luke Cage still has plenty of strength behind his punches. Along with his unbreakable skin, Luke possesses some impressive strength that allows him to lift around 50 tons on a regular basis.

The ability to toss around construction equipment or ground planes as they attempt to take off doesn't make Luke Cage one of Marvel's strongest heroes, but it remains an impressive accomplishment. While Luke Cage isn't weak, plenty of super-strong heroes can outclass Power Man.

Drax The Destroyer Was Strong Enough To Challenge Thanos

One doesn't get a nickname like "The Destroyer" without being known around the galaxy for destruction. Drax's super-strength is pretty useful for destroying things. Drax's alien body has the strength, superhuman durability, and accelerated healing needed to kill Thanos. His strength makes him a valuable member of the Guardians of the Galaxy's best rosters.

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Drax also has a special aura that activates in times of great need. This aura creates a protective shield and increases Drax's physical strength so much that he's able to rip out Thanos' heart. This aura puts Drax above some of his fellow heroes when it comes to strength, but it's not something he can always rely on in battle.

The Vision Can Augment His Strength By Altering His Density

The Vision has several powerful abilities. One of which includes density manipulation, which further enhances his artificial body's super strength. When Vision increases his density, his max weight limit goes up to 50 tons. He can even push himself past these limits, but it risks destabilizing his own body.

Vision has a lot of abilities that further elevate him above other heroes, especially when used in combination with his super-strength. His flight and solar beams both augment his physical strength exponentially. He can absorb additional energy to further enhance those abilities.

Groot's Incredible Strength Grows Along With His Size

Groot is one of the strongest members of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Groot's tree-like body is denser and stronger than most superheroes on Earth, which grants him great strength. This strength can increase exponentially as he changes his size and shape, another powerful ability his plant body grants him.

Even though Groot can consistently lift 100 tons, his strength is essentially limitless. Since he can increase his size and effortlessly regenerate parts of his body, Groot can multiply his strength with ease. Even without relying on changing his size, Groot's base form outclasses powerful Marvel heroes.

America Chavez Is A Super Strong Hero From Another Reality

Miss America, otherwise known as America Chavez, is a young superhero with a plethora of powers. These include flight, super speed, invulnerability, the power to travel through the multiverse, and super-strength. One of the strongest characters America Chavez beat in the comics was Loki, which reveals just how strong she is.

Asgardians are incredibly strong on their own, and America nearly beats the trickster god. Loki isn't as strong as his brother, only able to lift around 50 tons, which means Chavez isn't at Thor's level. However, America Chavez's ability to increase her strength ranks her high among Marvel's strongest heroes.

Brian Braddock Is Powered By His Connection To Otherworld

Unlike Captain America, Captain Britain's powers are a huge upgrade from peak human physicality. Initially, Captain Britain's costume acts as a conduit for inter-dimensional energy, which gives him his powers. He gins incredible speed, superhuman durability, flight, and super strength. Captain Britain can lift 90 tons while wearing his conduit suit.

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Brian Braddock eventually gained access to his abilities without the Captain Britain suit, and her sister took up the mantle. Braddock earned new power with the Sword of Might and became Captain Avalon. His strength continued to increase, as did his connection to the mystical Otherworld that empowered him.

Tony Stark Enhances His Iron Man Armors' Strength With Each New Model

Tony Stark is just an ordinary human being in good physical condition. However, when he's wearing one of his most powerful Iron Man armors, Tony's strength increases to beyond superhuman levels. Iron Man can lift over 100 tons, which is only the limit of his most basic suit.

Iron Man's strength class can easily increase based on which powerful armor he's wearing at the time. Tony creates his Hulkbuster armor to take on more powerful gamma-powered foes, which increases his strength and durability much more than his usual suit.

Giant-Man's Size-Changing Ability Increases His Strength As He Grows Taller

Hank Pym's strength is reliant on his ability to increase his size as Giant-Man. When he increases his size, his strength proportionally increases. Technicalities aside, Giant Man's strength is greater than some of Marvel's strongest heroes, and it only increases as he grows larger.

Marvel's strength scale put Giant-Man's strength at 100 tons or more, as long as he exceeded 100 feet, which meant every foot he goes beyond that would further increase his strength. Pym recently went through a huge change when he was forcibly bonded with Ultron. They gained incredible strength and became the most powerful member of the Pym family.

Colossus Is A Mutant Powerhouse Covered In An Organic Steel Skin

Piotr Rasputin already possessed the physique of a champion bodybuilder. However, Colossus' metallic form made him one of the strongest Marvel heroes. His metal form wasn't a shield that covered his skin. His mutant power actually converted his entire body's cellular structure into that of a hyper-dense, super-strong carbon steel-like metal.

Colossus' incredible strength class is 100+, which means he can consistently lift above 100 tons. Colossus' most ridiculous feats in the comics further prove his elevated strength class. His power increases even further during his brief time replacing Juggernaut as Cyttorak's Avatar.

Captain Marvel Can Absorb Energy And Channel It, Increasing Her Strength

Carol Danvers has quite a few powerful abilities as Captain Marvel, including her Class 100+ super strength. While she can usually lift around 50 to 70 tons, her power to absorb and re-channel energy increases her strength class. Captain Marvel has become one of the most powerful members of The Avengers, both in the comics and on the big screen.

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Captain Marvel has a connection to a cosmic force that allows her to tap into the nearly infinite power of a white hole. Danvers' ability to absorb energy helps her redistribute the absorbed power and add it to her own, which can skyrocket her strength to beyond 100+ tons.

Namor The Sub-Mariner's Strength Is Unmatched While He's Underwater

Namor the Sub-Mariner is incredibly powerful and deserves more credit for being one of Marvel's first and strongest superheroes. However, Namor's strength level is at its peak when he's underwater. Namor can consistently lift around 75 tons, but that can further increase when he is in his natural element.

Namor is an Atlantean which allows him to survive the crushing pressures of the ocean. He's also a mutant. Namor's unique hybrid physiology gives him strength far beyond other Atlanteans. Namor has beaten some of Marvel's toughest characters, but his strength's connection to water holds him back when compared to other heroes.

Rogue Enhanced The Strength She Stole From Captain Marvel By Acquiring More Powers

X-Men's resident Southern sweetheart Rogue can lift upwards of 100 tons, making her one of the most physically strong X-Men. Rogue can absorb the powers of anyone she directly touches. However, she can absorb their powers permanently if touching them for too long. Rogue has absorbed the incredible strength of heroes like Wonder Man and Carol Danvers.

Rogue sits above some of the other 100-ton-lifting heroes because she can further increase her strength as needed. She can temporarily absorb the powers of those stronger than her and combine them together. Rogue can even enhance her incredible strength with Colossus' organic steel skin to propel her well past the 100+ ton strength class.

Nova Can Channel The Entire Corps' Nova Force To Further Increase His Physical Strength

The various cosmic energies of the Marvel universe are as mysterious as they are powerful, often granting whoever possesses them infinite power. Nova is originally a member of the intergalactic Nova Corps. Rider becomes the last Nova after the Corps' destruction and houses the source once used to power the entire Nova Corps.

Nova essentially became living energy before he used some of the Nova Force to rebuild the Corps. He could use the entire Nova Force to further enhance his strength and take on cosmic threats, however, doing so could leave his fellow Corpsmen weakened.

The Thing Gained Incredible Strength From Exposure To Cosmic Rays

The Thing's strength surpasses several heroes in the Marvel Universe. Cosmic rays in space transformed Ben Grimm along with the rest of the Fantastic Four. His new rocky body also came with increased durability and incredible strength. However, The Thing continued to train over the years, increasing how much he could actually lift.

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Because of this, The Thing has pushed his strength class well beyond 100 tons. He's even been shown to have the strength needed to power a machine meant to move a planet. The Thing's ongoing training means he potentially moves up the rankings as his strength increases as well.


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