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Coolio's Cause Of Death Explained

Health Digest logo: MainLogo Health Digest 11/16/2022 Angela Todd
Coolio © Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock Coolio

Rapper and icon Coolio died on September 28th, 2022, while visiting a friend in Los Angeles. Grammy award recipient Coolio, whose birth name was Artis Leon Ivey Jr, passed away at 59 years of age, according to reports by TMZ. At the time, no official cause of death had been provided. His talent manager, Shelia Finegan, made the shocking and devastating announcement of his passing on September 29th.

Getting his start in the 80s, Coolio's rap career took off with the release of his chart-topping hit "Gangster's Paradise". The song was used on the soundtrack of the popular film Dangerous Minds starring Michele Pfeiffer. Coolio also used themes and scenes from the film to shoot the music video for the song. TMZ reported that the song was in first place on the charts, holding the position for three weeks. Though Coolio had a few other songs that made the charts, The New York Times asserts that it was "Gangster's Paradise" that changed the rapper's life.

Cause Of Death

Young Coolio © Jmenternational/Getty Images Young Coolio

US Weekly reported that emergency medical services were called to the home of Coolio's friend in Los Angeles. The rap star had said to have been in the restroom for quite some time, prompting an inquiry. When there had been no reply, his friend entered the restroom to find the rapper unresponsive on the floor. EMTs arrived at the scene and pronounced Coolio dead, with a suspected cause of cardiac arrest.

Coolio's oldest son, Artis Levy III spoke out to The Sun, providing some background on the rapper's health and outlook before his passing. According to Levy, Coolio had been experiencing issues with his health, including issues with asthma. "A lot was going on with asthma. Real bad asthma," Levy told The Sun.

Healthline explains that individuals with asthma are doubly at risk of experiencing a heart attack. Levy also explained that while his father did not stay away from all drugs, he did not believe that this had any influence on his cause of death (via The Sun). TMZ also reported that there were no drugs or alcohol found at the scene. Levy confirmed the cause of his father's passing, stating, "He died of natural causes. He died of a heart attack."

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