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12 Silent Signs Your Lungs Could Be in Trouble

Reader's Digest Logo By Jessica Migala of Reader's Digest | Slide 1 of 14: In most cases, shoulder pain comes from a strained muscle or inflammation. But if you haven’t done anything to hurt your muscle and the ache lasts for weeks without any signs of letting up, you might want to see a doctor to rule out lung cancer—especially if you’re a smoker. Certain types of lung tumors can pinch the nerves that supply the shoulders, which is why some of the earliest symptoms of lung disease can include pain in the shoulders. Try these 11 exercises that can help you build better lungs.

12 silent signs your lungs could be in trouble

A cough that just won’t go away, labored breathing when you climb stairs, and hoarseness can cause alarms to go off. Here’s what you need to know about these and the sometimes unexpected symptoms of lung disease.

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