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Alcohol Sales On The Rise During COVID-19 Pandemic

The Blast logo The Blast 4/1/2020 Ben Robinson III
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The collective consensus regarding the widespread COVID-19 pandemic pretty much remains the same across the board. It sucks, and not just because of the rising number of cases being reported on a daily basis. Because with each passing day things get increasingly worse with the amount of horror stories we hear about like the lack of supplies for healthcare workers, or the conflicting reports we receive from the powers that be. In one breath we're told "Stay in the house" then moments later we're told "Oh, BUT, go on out and get some exercise if you want!"Wait, what?


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Although we have been told to remain indoors and away from one another in an attempt to flatten the curve, not everyone is listening to that advice. Some are ignoring the warnings from the rest of the world and thinking that the rules don't apply to them. Think about the Spring Breakers a few weeks ago who were so desperate for fun and sexy times they endangered their health, and the health of others, for a romp on Florida's beaches until the state finally shut everything down.

Then, if you weren't aware, there was a man in New Jersey who threw a birthday party despite warnings of making sure everyone kept their distance from one another. CBS News reports;

Police in Ewing Township were called to an apartment around 1 a.m. Saturday after an anonymous call about a party. Officers found 47 people in a 550-square-foot, one-bedroom apartment. There was alcohol, the smell of marijuana and a DJ with speakers, according to the Mercer County prosecutor's office. Police sent all of the partygoers home.

The renter — identified by police as Wade E. Jackson, 47 — said he was throwing a "corona party," police said. He was issued one summons for violating an emergency act, and another for obstructing the law.

What do these two incidents have in common? BOOZE! Yes, apparently alcohol is the one thing keeping people in good spirits during these trying times, and according to Fox News people are stocking up on lots of alcohol since nobody knows exactly when this pandemic will come to an end.

Sales of alcoholic beverages in the U.S. rose 55 percent in the week ending March 21, according to Nielsen data.

And people's choices for their favorite adult beverage comes in a wide range of varieties.

As for drinks of choice, spirits like tequila, gin and pre-mixed cocktails were the clear front-runners, with sales leaping 75 percent in comparison with the same period last year. Beer sales were up 42 percent, while wine sales rose 66 percent.

It all makes sense though, since stressful events can cause people to run straight for the bottle. Very Well Mind reports;

Studies have found that alcohol consumption increases within 12 months following a major disaster, either man-made or natural. Some studies have found that alcohol abuse disorders increase after catastrophic events like September 11, Hurricane Katrina, or the Oklahoma City bombing

There's nothing wrong with a drink every now and then to ease your mind. But please don't try to make it the cure for the current state of our world, because that's not going to help anything.


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