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Bensoul's Girlfriend In Hot Soup For Defending Him

KELEbrity logo KELEbrity 3/4/2022
It was just the other day when Netizens woke up to the shocking news that famous Soul Generation singer Bensoul had admitted to having cheated on his long term girlfriend, Noni. 

The tea which was spilt by the tea master himself, Edgar Obare, was later confirmed by Bensoul himself who said that Noni and his family were aware of the situation and that both he and Noni were doing all they could to salvage their relationship. 

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Now, netizens cannot seem to get over the fact that Noni has actually chosen to stay in her relationship. I mean, it was worse when he cheated, but to get his side chic pregnant? Surely that is a deal breaker for most relationships right? Well not for Noni. 

Surprisingly enough, sis has deleted all their photos together on her Instagram, and now netizens are still doubting the whole “I still love him” agenda. Noni recently took to her Instagram stories in a post that left many with more questions than answers. 

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In a screenshot posted by Nairobi gossip club, Noni had apparently posted on her Insta stories saying, “Enyewe malaya ni malaya tu”  As expected, netizens automatically assumed that she was directing her message to Bensoul. 

However, Noni herself showed up and denied it all saying that she was intending her post to Bensoul at all. But if not him, then who? Or was she throwing shade at Bensoul’s new side chic? Angry netizens have now shown up in the comment section to slam her. 


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The whole situation has escalated to unexpected proportions, especially because netizens are now insulting her mercilessly. 

According to them, they just don’t understand how she could be defending him after the public humiliation that she had to endure because of Bensoul’s affair. 

Netizens seem to believe that she is acting all desperate and that she should leave the relationship, if for nothing else, for her own self respect and dignity. 

And although some have encouraged her and told her to do what she sees fit, it looks like netizens have decided that Noni will never see the end of this messy breakup. 

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At this point, there is no saying where this relationship is headed, but for now acha tuendelee kuimba ile ngoma ya Bensoul, Nairobi… 

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