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Can Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Treat Muscle Pain?

The Doctors logoThe Doctors 11/5/2019
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Can a deep tissue laser therapy treatment help with constant and nagging pain?

Chiropractor Dr. Bryan Abasolo joins The Doctors with patient Michael, a rock climber who is dealing with shoulder pain that has lasted for over a month He is looking for a possible non-surgical solution.

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Dr. Abasolo believes Michael is dealing with rotator cuff syndrome and he administers a deep tissue laser therapy on Michael. 

He explains this laster treatment is safe and painless, noninvasive, and also quick. The treatments, on average, last around 5 to 10 minutes. He says this is commonly used in the NBA and NFL to help relieve pain and get players back on the field on the court. He says the treatment can decrease inflammation, help with cellular regeneration and also treat pain. Michael describes the sensation of the laser treatment as something similar to a massage.

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This treatment ranges from $15 to $80 dollars, and Dr. Abasolo recommends Michael have 3 to 6 visits, and for those with chronic issues, he would suggest 10 visits.

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