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Deadly Coronavirus Believed To Have Come From Wuhan Testing Lab

Medical Daily logo Medical Daily 2/18/2020 Jan Cortes

Earlier last month, people were quick to point their fingers at bats as the original host of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) that started a global epidemic in less than two months, pushing China to ban its wildlife trade while investigations are still ongoing. However, it was then discovered that there was no bat meat at the Wuhan seafood market where the virus presumably started infecting people. As such, the blame was then placed on snakes, and later on pangolins, which tested positive for the virus after its meat was analyzed.

And now, a new conspiracy theory surfaced, claiming that the origin of the deadly coronavirus is actually a virology lab located in Wuhan. The speculations were already made previously, but now Chinese scientists were actually able to present new findings that link Covid-19 with the virology laboratory.

Coronavirus Origin

Starting late last December 2019, the deadly COVID-19 already spread to numerous countries, killing around 1,770 people (the majority of which are from mainland China) and infecting around 70,548 more. As such, more than 780 million people living in mainland China are living under different types of travel restrictions in order to stop the virus from spreading more.

Originally, the virus is believed to have come from a seafood market in Wuhan after it got transmitted to a person and got spread to others. And since COVID-19 is a zoonotic disease (which means it can be transmitted from animals to humans), people were quick to point their fingers at bats, snake and even pangolins.

However, according to a paper recently released by the China University of Technology, the virus was more likely to have started in a lab instead of a market.

In a paper titled “The Possible Origins of 2019-nCoV Coronavirus,” Chinese researchers explained this by stating that a researcher at the lab allegedly quarantined himself for two weeks after the blood of the bat dripped into his hand.

“It is plausible that the virus leaked around, and some of them contaminated the initial patients in this epidemic, though solid proofs are needed in a future study,” the report said.

However, the researchers believe that their findings are still direct speculations for now and they still need more time to justify their findings or, at the very least, shed some more light as to where the virus actually came from.

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