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Doctor Says Insurance Companies Want You To "Die As Quickly As Possible"

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A doctor shared on TikTok that most insurance companies allegedly want people to die “as quickly as possible.”

Dr. Glaucomflecke posted the viral video. He claims, “Healthcare companies don’t care about you,” adding, “They don’t care.”

The doctor then listed numerous insurance companies, including well-known ones, Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross, United Healthcare, etc.

In a gloomy video, the doctor further stated, “They want to extract as much money as possible from your healthy body.”

He continued: “Then when you’re no longer healthy, they want you to die as quickly as possible, to make room for other money-producing bodies, so…have a great day.”

Dr. Glaucomflecken’s comments came after companies gathered tremendous profit during the pandemic, which caused policy prices to skyrocket.

The doctor, whose handle is @drglaucomflecken, reminded his followers that business always comes first. At least, that’s what many commentators noticed.

A verified doctor said, “It’s all business.”

Many of his coworkers agreed, with one person saying, “I work in oncology. you are 100% correct.” Another said, “As someone who works in health insurance verification-yes.”

One person made an interesting observation, “This needed to be a Superbowl commercial! No truer words.”

People also shared their experiences, with someone saying, “Yep. They just denied a medication my doctor pre-authorized bc…. they can.”

Another person from the business said, “worked in insurance for 15 years until 2007. can confirm.”

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One woman shared, “Sadly true. As a provider, I endorse this message.”

Another doctor confirmed these claims by writing “Facts.” This person also shared their views on the US healthcare system, “It’s never been more apparent to me since I moved to Spain. The US healthcare system is a joke.”

The New York Times wrote that despite federal laws, healthcare prices are still under the veil of secrecy.

Chief executive of America’s Health Insurance Plans, Matt Eyles, told the publication, “Insurers want to make sure they are negotiating the best deals they can for their members, to make sure their products have competitive premiums.”

Dr. Glaucomflecken, who has over two million followers, did not comment further, but his viral video surpassed a million views and gathered thousands of comments. The video also went viral on Reddit.

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