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Good trends in Maryland: State reports fewest new COVID-19 deaths since March

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Nearly two months after gradually beginning to lift restrictions, and even as other states see a surge in cases, Maryland’s COVID 19 numbers continue to trend downward. 

Today’s numbers are among the best in months. Three deaths were reported in a 24-hour period. That is the lowest count since March. The number of new cases reported Monday - 272 - is also among the lowest numbers since March. The 403 people hospitalized is the lowest census since April 1.

Former U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Boris Lushniak says there may be several reasons why our region is faring so well. 

“There is always that questions even as a public health person," he says. "Are we good or are we lucky? I got to say I think it’s a little bit of both right now.”

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Dr. Lushniak says the general acceptance of masks and social distancing in our regions have made a tremendous difference. He warns that must continue or the trend could reverse. 

“People are still very much aware and COVID-19 hasn’t disappeared and that they need to still take precautions,” says Dr. Lushniak.

Charles County Health officer Dr. Howard Haft agrees the improving numbers don’t mean victory. 

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“The virus is still here," Haft says. "Every bit of science every public health official across the globe know the virus is still here until we have a vaccine or herd immunity it will still be here.”

Testing is one way Dr. Haft says Maryland can do better. Governor Larry Hogan is pressuring counties to test 10% of total population.

In response, for the first time in Charles County, people won’t need a prescription or symptoms to get tested starting tomorrow at the Waldorf Vehicle Emissions Testing Station. 

“We want to take all the obstacles out of the way to make it easy and convenient for any to get tested," Dr. Haft says.


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