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Mississippi heat can turn vehicles hot as an oven within minutes

WAPT Jackson 6/15/2022
hot car © WAPT hot car

With the hot temperatures, emergency officials are reminding parents about take precautions to prevent a tragedy.

"You have that foggy baby brain that we talk about and it is easy for you to forget to do simple tasks that you wouldn't normally forget to do," said Dr. Catherine Phillippi, a pediatrician with TrustCare Kids.

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Eric Phillips, with American Medical Response, painted an example for 16 WAPT News about how quickly things can go south if a child or a pet were left inside a locked vehicle. In just 10 to 15 minutes, a black pickup truck reached deadly temperatures.

"As soon as we closed the door, we immediately started watching (the temperature) go up," Phillips said.

Unfortunately, sometimes parents can forget about who's in the back seat. During Wednesday's demonstration, the temperature quickly reached 102 degrees in the vehicle. Not long after, it was up to 122 degrees. Phillips said he can't imagine what a helpless baby or pet would go through in this situation.

hot car © WAPT hot car

"They don't have compensatory mechanisms. They don't have an ability, they don't have any way to let anyone know other than lay there and cry. And if no one is walking by, no one is going to know it," Phillips said.

Phillips said one way to remember to check the back seat is to take off a shoe and stick it in the back seat, so you'll think twice before walking away. Changing routines also helps, he said.

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