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Dr. Mark Hyman Sums Up How Time-Restricted Eating Benefits the Body

Delishably 2/26/2023 Mandi Jacewicz
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You may have another reason to try intermittent fasting, even if you don’t have much weight to lose. TikTok content creator @antiagingtipsorg shares some advice from a best-selling author and well-respected physician, Dr. Mark Hyman. He has us sold.

No, time-restricted eating won’t take away all your fun! Check out what he has to say.

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He’s not telling us to starve ourselves for days on end. Dr. Mark Hyman is a well-known anti-aging specialist, and he makes a great argument for this lifestyle. If we can go 12, 14, or 16 hours each day without having a meal, it can increase our lifespan. He tells us that when we go 16 hours without food, our body sees this as a little stress and it activates our internal healing system to compensate for the lack of food. And this tiny stressor extends our lifespan more than anything else we know of. He explains that if we can reduce our daily calories by about 30%, we can expect to live 30% longer. Wow!

The audience had some mixed feelings about this method. Viewer @Mike commented, “It works! I am 50. One meal a day & all the water you can drink. Staying hydrated is essential too!” We agree. Viewer @Andromeda said, “I started fasting for 16 hours and I'm now both losing weight with ease and full of energy. Best thing ever.” That’s great to hear. Viewer @RobFrancis commented, “I would be miserable.” It’s really not too bad, and you don’t have to start off with 16 hours.

Once you’ve adjusted to a time-restricted eating schedule, it won’t cause you any pain. You can begin with only a 12-hour break, 7 pm-7 am. That way, you’ll be sleeping for most of your fast, and you won't even know you're doing it.

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