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my AWFUL experience with covid-19

i made this video to share my experience with covid-19; i talk about how i got the virus, my symptoms during infection, and the after-effects post quarantine. i have asthma, which is one reason why covid was so rude to me, but with less than half of the people getting infected being asymptomatic, theres a chance you too could experience symptoms. covid is VERY awful and i would not suggest getting it; take as many precautions as possible!!! the symptoms i've had: headache chest tightness loss of smell pink eye muscle aches exhaustion/loss of energy cough sneezing runny nose congestion thank you for watching my videooo. Feel free to make me smile and like and subscribe. you can also stalk me on my ig @mariahcjones #covid #covid19 #myexperiencewithcovid #naturalhair
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