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'Dr. Fauci paid Chinese virologists to create a bioweapon virus': Said Benny Johnson

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Benny Johnson, a political columnist, shared an explosive tweet regarding the Coronavirus pandemic.

The "Godfather of the Conservative Internet," as he is known among his fans and the Chief Creative Officer at Turning Point, claims that Chinese virologists created the pandemic. The person behind it was Dr. Fauci.

Benny Johnson's Viral Tweet

Johnson claims, "Dr. Fauci paid Chinese virologists to create a bioweapon virus."

In the same tweet, he said, "We have the receipts," adding that this was not for the debate.

The conservative podcast host further wrote:

"Then Fauci promised a "surprise pandemic" during the Trump administration a day before Donald Trump was sworn in as president."

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Johnson asked if this was the largest crime in human history

Benny, who graduated from Iowa University, left his Twitter followers with a question:

"Largest crime in human history?"

This divided the Twitter community, with many calling Johnson a "clown," while others shared that Fauci should be arrested.

The tweet surpassed 3.2 million views in less than 24 hours and was retweeted nearly 17k times.

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Comment sections become a war zone

Twitter users reminded others that Johnson was fired from Buzzfeed for plagiarising most of his articles.

One user asked, "Where's the receipts? Anything more than rumors, or I heard it from a friend of a friend who says it's true."

Others added that "Covid was the ONLY way the Dems were able to get Trump out of office!"

As for the video of Dr. Fauci, posted by Johnson, one tweet suggested it was taken out of context.

MMA fighter Chris Wade wrote:

"I got suspended by Elon Twitter for stating what fate I believe should befall Fauci for what he did. It involves rope."

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Republicans vs. Democrats

The comment section went back and forth, with some calling out the Republicans and tweeting, "But I thought you guys said it was just the flu and not to worry about it?"

Another commentator stated: "Oh! So, now COVID is no longer a hoax? It's difficult keeping up with the latest Q-Anon-based theories."

Others asked Johnson to "publish such verified receipts if you have evidence. We see too much accusing without evidence on social media these days."

One of the most extreme comments read, "Fauci will go down in HISTORY as WAY WORSE than Hitler."

Benny posted more cryptic tweets

In the past several hours, Benny Johnson, now based in Florida, shared several cryptic tweets.

One said, "Question everything."

In a follow-up, he asked his followers to "Be prepared for the truth."

Podcaster and host of The Benny Report on Newsmax added there will be a series of "truths" this week, counting, "Our ruling class has committed crimes against humanity."

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Benny Johnson, a polarizing figure

Johnson has a significant following online, though he does not shy away from in-person debates.

The 35-year-old father of one majored in developmental psychology, but his passion was always writing and politics.

He was in hot waters several times for promoting conspiracy theories, and retweeting from a fake Antifa account, then adding the link to an article.

In 2017, Business Insider alleged that Johnson was verbally abusive to staffers in IJR. His relationship with IJR ended in 2017, and he continued writing for The Daily Caller. 

He describes himself as a father, husband, and journalist, and on Twitter alone, he has over 1.2 million followers.




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