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Pharmacist Explains Why Birth Control Is Known As the 'Divorce Pill'

PairedLife logo PairedLife 2 days ago Natalie Hoage
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We never knew this was a side effect.

Who knew? Birth control can have some side effects that you may not expect, and probably don't want according to @DrChrisPharmD. Especially if you're not looking to get divorced.

Dr. Chris explained in a recent TikTok video that "if you’re taking hormonal birth control (HBC), you might be attracted to the wrong partner. This is because HBC influences who women are attracted to, leading to potentially inappropriate partners." Lots of medical mumbo jumbo followed, but it makes sense!

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Interesting, right? "Without HBC, women are attracted to men with different smells that come from men who have higher testosterone levels and masculine features. When on HBC, women are attracted to men similar to them that have lower testosterone, more feminine features, and are regarded as caretakers." Yeah, we get what he's saying. It actually makes a lot of sense for a woman to want a man who will take care of her, not just look hot.

Commenters were tottering back and forth between being okay with what the doc had to say, and being worried. @paperchaser says, "Met my girl 3 months ago and she just got off birth control. You're scaring me bro." @Twigbitch asks, "Does this apply to hormonal IUDs?" and Dr. Chris responded, "100%." @Michele honestly shared, "I believe this to be 100% true. Happened to me!" 

Although Dr. Chris didn't respond to her, @Monet had some insights, "So many girls start birth control as a young teen and don’t get off till once they go to have a kid normally with a long-term partner." and "So that logic would mean a girl could be married and starting a family with a man she doesn’t actually find attractive leading to more single parents." Not a good thought!

The comments were worth reading through, especially because the doc responded to so many of them. Interesting - but scary - concept, isn't it?

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