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Show your skin some love this National Acne Positivity Day

Cover Media 9/1/2022 Cover Media, Cover Media
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Very few people go through life without experiencing acne at some point.

Whether a teenager or an adult, those who struggle with spots, oiliness, and painful pimples often feel the need to conceal their face.

Yet, as it is National Acne Positivity Day on 1 September, consultant dermatologist Dr Sharon Wong ( is adamant there is now a movement towards accepting skin the way it is.

"Acne has always been perceived as a problem that should only happen in puberty/teenage years and that the condition clears by the time you hit your twenties. It is also fraught with beliefs that somehow it is caused by a lack of hygiene/poor cleanliness or that it is purely diet related," she said. "The traditional concept that acne is purely a teenage issue is very much outdated amongst dermatologists. We now recognise acne as a chronic skin condition which can appear at any stage of our lives. Certainly, adult-onset acne that appears for the first time in the twenties is on the rise and seems to affect women more so than men.

"Whilst the mechanism behind adult acne is not fully known, what we do know is that acne is a complex interaction between genetics, hormones, environmental and lifestyle factors, all of which will vary in their relative importance at different times of our lives."

Read on for some top picks when it comes to skin-loving treatments for those prone to blemishes or sensitive skin.

EltaMD's Foaming Facial Cleanser

Ideal for use on combination or oily skin types, this cleanser is made with a gentle enzyme and amino acid blend that loosens make-up, oil and other impurities. For best results, pump a moderate amount of cleanser to damp skin and massage gently. Once the cleanser has foamed, rinse off well with lukewarm water.

CosRx's AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner

A gentle everyday exfoliating toner, this product is ideal for use after cleansing. The perfect foil for problem-prone complexions, this toner is formulated with resurfacing AHAs to melt the "glue" that binds dulling dead cells to the skin's surface and paves the way for optimal absorption of your essences or serums.

Peace Out's Acne Healing Dots

Suitable for all skin types, these breakthrough acne treatment dots are perfect for use in targeting that annoying zit that you can feel brewing. Made with encapsulated salicylic acid to penetrate pores and clear up blemishes fast, simply pop on one of the patches at night, leave on for at least six hours, and let it get to work!

Oxygenetix's Oxygenating Blemish-Control Foundation

With this Oxygenetix product, there is no need to choose between blemish camouflage coverage and the skin health benefits of wearing little to no make-up.

Conventional make-up products diminish the oxygen passage to the skin cells and often upsets the skin's natural oil, pH and moisture balance, however, this formula has been developed with an oxygen-enriched formula that allows the complexion to breathe. It also includes salicylic acid.

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