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We reviewed the Fenty Skin Cookies N Clean Face Mask: Why it’s worth it

New York Post logo: MainLogo New York Post 1/30/2023 Victoria Giardina

S.O.S: Rihanna’s Cookies N Clean Face Mask from her cult-followed skincare line, Fenty Skin, is the perfectly whipped skin-detox cocktail.

Here’s the real deal — I test a lot of face masks here at the New York Post, a smorgasbord of clay, sheet and brightening. However, this sweet treat from Fenty Skin is one my skin sees a frequent dolloping of, much ado to its moisturizing texture with skin-smoothing results.

Dare we say this is the perfect self-care Sunday mask to smear onto your face before watching Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime show? Yes, yes it is — but it’s one that isn’t simply reserved for Sundays. Or the Super Bowl for that matter.

When I first heard the Rihanna-released-a-face-mask memo, I nearly ran to secure it on my skincare cart (yes, I have one of those). A cookies n’ cream-inspired face mask? Sign me up for this delectable detox.

Fenty Skin Cookies N Clean Whipped Clay Pore Detox Face Mask with Salicylic Acid + Charcoal, $32 © Provided by New York Post Fenty Skin

How to use: Apply an even layer (or two, if desired) to your face and wash off after 10 minutes. In short, it’s a 10-minute pore detox.

This rockstar clay mask is effective not only for its perfectly whipped texture but also for containing salicylic acid, an ingredient we love for helping to mitigate acne, offering your skin a once-in-awhile detox.

fenty skin sephora What I look for when testing clay masks

Though every face mask is formulated differently (not to mention, each one targets a unique set of skincare needs), this is the set of criteria I keep in mind when reviewing:

  • Texture: When testing, I always consider the texture; is it gritty? Is it gooey, more like a liquid? Luckily, the Fenty Skin Cookies N Clean has a dollop-y texture, almost like you’re scooping up an airy moisturizer.
  • Buildability: For clay masks especially, avoiding heavy formulas is a must, as (1) they’re difficult to wash off and (2) can weigh down the delicate skin on your face. You can build up the Fenty Skin Cookies N Clean to be almost sheer — like a tinted moisturizer — or full-on covered with its nourishing formula.
  • Any signs of irritation: Hoping this isn’t the case, I’ll check my skin — specifically, the area underneath my eyes and cheeks — for any signs of redness, puffiness or irritation. Luckily, the Fenty Skin Cookies N Clean Face Mask was in the clear.
  • How it washes off: Since the Fenty Skin Cookies N Clean Face Mask isn’t thick and cement-like, it washed off quite nicely. Of course, since it has a light gray color, your sink will turn a light gray as well, but with an extra rinse, it’ll be like you weren’t even there.
  • How my skin feels and looks: Though your skin will “look better” with frequent use, I always look in the mirror (who doesn’t?!) and lightly rub the back of my hand onto my cheek. After using this product, my skin was clear and smooth, without feeling stripped, with a natural-looking glow.
Fenty Skin Cookies N Clean Review

This clay mask serves up the benefits en masse, starting out with its cruelty-free and vegan formulation. It’s also fragrance, gluten and micro-bead-free (so, for the sensitive skincare folks out there, rest assured this does not have a cheap beauty-esque cookies n cream scent).

It’s also noncomedogenic, meaning it won’t clog pores. In fact, after testing this product for months on end, I can attest that it’s the hallmark detox product I tend to reach for — mitigating the look of any visible pores for a fresh and smooth complexion.

Even better, Queen RiRi is all about sustainability, making this mask in recyclable fashion.

  • Lightweight consistency: I’ll sound like a broken record if I say “whipped texture” once more, but that’s what makes this product the crème de la crème. This texture helps extract dirt, oil and impurities well. It’s like perfectly whipped frosting.
  • It’s non-gritty: There’s nothing worse than using an abrasive face mask. The Cookies N Clean has encapsulated charcoal, which gently bursts upon massaging it onto your skin for a skin-smoothing detox.
  • It helps reduce excess shine throughout the day: Every time I use this product, it’s like a guaranteed shine police; your skin won’t feel oily or off-balance.
  • Its ingredients are near-miracle workers: clay (to weightlessly extract dirt, oil and impurities), charcoal (to help detoxify pores and absorb oil and impurities), salicylic acid (to help clarify and refine the skin) and rhubarb and ginger extracts (to help condition and soothe the skin).
  • Slight stickiness in hard-to-wash-off places: Though not a dealbreaker, I always find myself having to quickly rinse off the baby hairs surrounding my face, as well as around my nostril area. However, this comes with the territory of using most clay masks on the market, so nothing to make me stop loving it.
The Bottom Line

The Fenty Skin Cookies N Clean Face Mask isn’t just extraordinary but it’s fairly priced. For less than $35, treat your skin to something luxurious with detox properties that are (1) perfect for sensitive skin and (2) won’t strip the skin.

And, if you want to tap into the pop culture moment as of late, shop the Fenty Skin’s brand’s Game Day Collection ahead of this year’s Super Bowl.

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