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Woman who can't stop farting left screaming as she gets her back clicked

Metro logo Metro 5/25/2023 Meghna Amin

A woman who can’t stop farting has sought help from a chiropractor to see if getting her back clicked can help with her gases.

Crack Addicts follows medical professional Dr. Alessandra Colón ‘healing patients with the power of chiropractic adjustment and a big sense of humor.’

In the trailer, patients are twisted into seemingly uncomfortable positions as they have their necks clicked and their toes tugged, while a previous preview showed a woman wearing a ‘cinching steel’ corset for 16 hours a day.

Now, one lady has entered Dr Colón’s practice with an entirely different problem: her farts.

Not only does one side of Brenda’s pelvis sit an inch higher than the other, but it has also internally rotated, Dr Colón explains.

‘I’m thinking, okay that can’t be good,’ she says.

‘That would definitely pinch a nerve, that could definitely decrease signals and create digestive issues.’

Dr Allesandra Colón explains the problem (Picture: TLC) © Provided by Metro Dr Allesandra Colón explains the problem (Picture: TLC)

She then tells Brenda: ‘You’re here because of all the farting and tooting, but I actually think you’re going to walk out with a little bit more than that.’

What follows are some stomach-churning scenes as viewers get an insight into what chiropractic adjustment sounds like.

As the patient lies down, Dr Colón works to ‘turn off the gases’, by clicking her neck and back.

At one point, she asks Brenda to wiggle her toes, resulting in a large cracking sound from her back.

Brenda is left screaming at the sounds, but admits it’s ‘the best thing ever’.

Brenda has a farting problem (Picture: TLC) © Provided by Metro Brenda has a farting problem (Picture: TLC) She’s left screaming as her back is ‘adjusted’ (Picture: TLC) © Provided by Metro She’s left screaming as her back is ‘adjusted’ (Picture: TLC)

She tells the camera: ‘I was a little bit in shock.

‘I just didn’t know my back was like that!’

Dr Colón continues cracking Brenda’s back and neck, and viewers have been left stunned at the sounds – and it’s not just of Brenda screaming.

‘Omg that loud cracking sound!’ one penned.

Another wrote: ‘Whoa those cracks were insane.’

Brenda admits she’s a ‘screamer’ (Picture: TLC) © Provided by Metro Brenda admits she’s a ‘screamer’ (Picture: TLC) She even farts in Dr Colón’s face! (Picture: TLC) © Provided by Metro She even farts in Dr Colón’s face! (Picture: TLC)

Hearing the screams, Dr Colón says: ‘I’m not sure, did I break her, did she like that? Did she not like that?’

‘That felt so good,’ Brenda eventually says, admitting she’s a ‘screamer’.

‘She was so relieved in that moment, and you see it fall out in her body,’ Dr Colón concludes, before, with her next adjustment, Brenda actually farts in her face.

Crack Addicts airs on TLC in America.

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