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Eat Like A Strongman | Men's Health

The giants turn heads as they enter the Men’s Health offices (walking through the door one at a time, of course): Brian Shaw, 6’8” and weighing in somewhere between 400 and 440 pounds, and Eddie Hall, 6’3” and a svelte 300 to 360 pounds himself. (Both men have recently begun slimming down, even if it didn't seem like it when they had to share a plane row.) The two strongmen, who boast five World’s Strongest Man titles between them (four to Shaw, one to Hall) can be seen on the History Channel's Strongest Man in History show, in which they take on some of the most legendary feats of strength ever recorded. But their own diets are remarkable in and of themselves. The two men consume close to 10,000 calories a day. Each. (Before you get concerned, know that both Hall and Shaw—as well as many strongman—work closely with dietitians.)
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