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15 Things You Don’t Realize Are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

Reader's Digest Logo By Erica Lamberg of Reader's Digest | Slide 1 of 16: Don't be so hard on yourself, Bowerman says. 'If you think you should be perfect—that you'll always exercise every morning or never eat another piece of candy—you're setting the bar awfully high,' she says. The fix here is to practice positive self-talk. 'Offer the same support to yourself as you would to a friend. You wouldn't tell your friend who's struggling with his weight, 'You just don't have the willpower. I guess you'll just be fat for the rest of your life.' So, why do you say that to yourself?' Practice talking nicely to yourself. Says Bowerman: 'Offer yourself support. Instead of 'This is too hard' Think to yourself, 'I can do this.''

You can sidetrack weight loss with deprivation, lifestyle choices, and your sleep habits. We asked nutrition experts to identify the most common obstacles to weight-loss success. Their advice can help you get back on track.

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