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Local doctor explains why losing weight in the spring is easier

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To many people, Spring seems like the best season due to the nice flowers and weather. Now more people may favor Spring because the season can actually help you shed some pounds. Any time of the year is a great time to take weight loss seriously. However, a lot of health experts are saying that certain seasons of the year can work better than others for weight loss. As spring is on the horizon it might be shocking to many that now is the best time to get started on your weight loss journey.

“We are seeing some change which makes one want to go outside more,” said Dr. Gary Goodnight, the Health official of Taylor County.

It’s that time of the year again when the days are much longer and the flowers start to bloom. People are starting to attend to their outside activities and exercise during the spring. Dr. Gary Goodnight, the Taylor County Medical Expert, expresses why more people tend to lose weight in the spring months due to having longer days.

“I do think that the days being longer, especially those who work in the office setting all day long, you're able to come home and still spend some enjoyable time outside before dark,” said Dr. Goodnight. I think a lot of times, during the winter months, even in west Texas, we’re caught inside a lot. During that time we’re not as active so the calories that we consume are not being burned off,” said the Local Physician.

Other factors such as more vitamin D intake, an increase in energy, and more outdoor activities play a role in why losing weight in the spring is less challenging. As Dr. Gary Goodnight puts it, seasonal changes impact your activities and overall health.

“It just improves your sense of well-being because you’re doing something useful and it's exercise so I think that's very important this time of the year. You have to also back off your calories a little bit and I think that you will find that the weight loss will come once you do those two things,” said the Doctor.

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