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Nancy Pelosi Eats The Same Hot Dog Every Single Day

Mashed 2/7/2023 Amberly Mckee
Nancy Pelosi smiling © Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock Nancy Pelosi smiling

Cravings can be undeniable once they hit, and you can't really blame someone for sticking to what they know and love. But could you eat the same thing daily, even if it was your favorite food? For a sizable amount of people, sticking to the same menu daily provides convenience (via Real Simple). It eliminates the decision-making process, stabilizes your calorie count, and is oftentimes easy. "Eating the same foods gives people a sense of control during a time when the world feels very unpredictable and chaotic," MS, RD, CDN Stephanie Middleberg said, adding that this diet plan often creates structure.

This may not the best decision to make for your body, however. While Speaking with Well & Good, MD Tim Spector explained that, even if you're eating healthy foods daily, "you're not going to get the diversity of gut microbes that you would [if you switched it up]." In simple terms, even if the food is nutritional, it won't be great for your gut health. But if you want to improve your gut health, there are many reasons why you should be eating probiotic foods. Healthy or not, if you're one of the many who choose simplicity over decision-making, you're definitely not alone.

Hot Diggity Dog

two hot dogs with mustard © WS-Studio/Shutterstock two hot dogs with mustard

Just like many other Americans, Politician Nancy Pelosi has a go-to food she eats every day. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, it was revealed that Pelosi downs a hot dog with relish and mustard each day. Reporter Natalie Andrews shared the information on Twitter, and she was answered by individuals shocked by the revelation. "How is ... Nancy Pelosi still alive? The human body really is amazing," CNN columnist Jill Filipovic wrote. Another Twitter user was equally surprised, writing "my mom tells me every hot dog I eat is a year off my life so either one of them is lying or Nancy Pelosi is like god or something."

Under the original post, commenters had a range of opinions. "Every day?? Wow I feel so much better about my occasional cravings," one Twitter user wrote. "People who eat the same thing every day are downright terrifying to me," wrote another. Even though, the shock seems to originate more from the choice of a hot dog than the prospect of same-food eating. So if you are someone who keeps the same menu, at least Twitter is roasting you a little less.

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