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This Actress Is Doing The Whole30 And Posting Brutally Honest Updates About It On Instagram

Women's Health logo Women's Health 11/9/2017 Locke Hughes

© Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Uplift Family Services The struggle is real.

Whether or not you’ve actually done it, chances are you’ve heard about the Whole30 program—or at least how crazy strict it is. The 30-day elimination diet cuts out gluten, dairy, legumes, soy, added sugars, and alcohol—in other words, a lot of the good stuff in life.

Of course, there are plenty of upsides to the torture: People credit the Whole30 with helping them identify food intolerances and sensitivities, overcome cravings, lose weight, and generally feel amazing.

Those kinds of promises inspired actress Busy Philipps to commit to the 30-day program. In October, the 38-year-old actress, known for her roles in Freaks and Geeks and Cougar Town, announced she was starting the Whole30 on her health-related podcast, We’re No Doctors. As she explained on the episode, she had an indulgent summer, just got back from a party-filled trip to Paris, and was ready to reset her health.

So what can she eat on the Whole30? “Basically fruits, vegetables, and meat,” she told her co-host. Fortunately for us, she's recording how it all goes down on her Instagram stories—which, if you haven’t been watching, are addicting.

On Instagram, Busy posts frequent, hilarious and totally relatable snippets from her life—basically a daily sitcom. She records everything from her sweaty morning workouts to random thoughts about parenting or what color she should dye her hair. But watching her tackle the Whole30 has given us some actually valuable insights about the diet, and is inspiring for those of us who, like Busy, are super busy and/or don’t like to cook.

At this point, the mom of two has been following the plan for almost a month, so the end is in sight. Good news for her, but bad news for those of us who’ve been following along. Here are a few of our favorite recent revelations from Busy's Whole30 adventure.

The hardest part: Not drinking. “The no-alcohol for me is a big deal,” Busy says on her podcast. “Because I do drink a lot. You know? I love a margarita.” Which brings us to…

The foods she misses the most: “I love Mexican food,” she says. “I love going out to [a] Mexican dinner, having margaritas, having chips and salsa, guacamole. It is the perfect food. Nachos. Also perfect. Queso, also perfect. None of these things are Whole30-approved.” She’s also a huge fan of cinnamon gummy bears so it’s been hard to give up her self-professed sugar addiction.

Genius swap: Busy was not going to let Whole30 stop her from celebrating National Nacho Day on November 6. On Instagram, she shared her Whole30-approved version of “nachos:” ground turkey with seasoning, homemade guac, salsa, and lettuce served on top of thinly sliced sweet potatoes. “Guys, here’s my Whole30 revelation today, day 22," she says. "I just ate those Whole30 nachos, and I didn’t need the cheese, I didn’t even miss it.”

What keeps her going: According to the creators of the Whole30, days 10, 11, and 12 are when the going gets tough, and that’s when most people give up. “Knowing that has been super helpful for me,” she said on the podcast. “I’m so highly competitive, I just want to win.”

Most helpful new habit: Cooking more at home. She’s not a big home chef, but cooking at home has helped, she says on the podcast. She also admits she’s turned to a more natural way to relax after a long day, but since it’s only legal in California, we won’t mention that here.

Celeb recipe inspo: On Instagram stories, she shared this photo of a "compliant" dish of halibut with parsley pesto, crediting the recipe to Jerry Seinfeld's wife, Jessica Seinfeld.

Needless to say, we're impressed by her dedication. Although we'll miss her entertaining updates, we're cheering her on for the final few days of the Whole30.

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