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Is Drinking Green Tea At Night Good Or Bad For You?

Medical Daily logo Medical Daily 7/11/2019 Jan Cortes

a cup of coffee on a table © Pexels/Pixabay Green tea, or any other type of tea for that matter, is one of the most popular beverages you can easily drink today. You’ve seen British people in TV shows joke about drinking it a lot, your hipster friend has been asking you to try it as well, even Lewis Carol’s characters in Alice in Wonderland set time aside for a tea party.

And all of those are not without reason. It’s a healthy beverage, presenting many health benefits. But does drinking it at night make any difference?

Let’s find out.

Tea time before bedtime?

First off, green tea is filled with plant compounds, which can be divided to three categories:

  1. Amino acids – Green tea is full of an amino acid called theanine, which can help reduce your stress and improve your relaxation.
  2. Catechins – A group of antioxidants, these are known to be behind the green tea’s abundance of medicinal properties.
  3. Caffeine – This stimulant can help improve your mood, reaction time, memory and nerve cell function.

Moving forward, does drinking it before bed make any difference?

Although no studies have dug into the practice of drinking it at night, green tea may help you sleep better. That’s because it contains theanine, which is a sleep-promoting compound that works best by decreasing your hormones that are stress-related. Furthermore, it also allows your brain to relax by reducing neuron excitement.

There’s also evidence that suggests drinking mildly-caffeinated green tea can reduce fatigue and improve your quality of sleep.

Negative effects

With that being said however, green tea still contains caffeine, which is the stimulant in coffee that provides a state of arousal and excitement. That means drinking it a couple hours before bed may make you stay up longer.

However, the magnitude of its effect will still depend on the person drinking it.

Bottomline is, there is simply no evidence to suggest that drinking it before bedtime makes any difference as much as drinking it in any other time of the day. After all, the health benefits of green tea are best enjoyed during tea time, and that’s not when the moon is up.

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