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Man Swears He’s Been Keeping a Bigfoot Head Frozen since the 1950s

Exemplore logo Exemplore 12/4/2022 Cassandra Yorgey
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He says it weighs over 120 lbs.

What would you do if you inherited a frozen sasquatch? This man makes the bold claim that his father shot a bigfoot in 1953 and his family has been keeping it frozen in storage this whole time! The family legend goes that his father had to cut the remains into pieces to be able to remove it from the swamp where it was killed, but he did keep them all in a commercial refrigerator. The son received this strange creature as part of his inheritance upon the regrettable passing of his father.  

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The man is sharing this information with the public because he says it is expensive to just keep a huge specimen frozen for so many years, although they have done their best to preserve it by keeping it wrapped up with layers and in a commercial freezer.

He shares that he’s taken a lot of ridicule for his bigfoot claim and that many doubt him because he does joke around a lot, but he swears this is real and not a prank. He stresses that while he does enjoy humor not every aspect of his life is a joke and this is very real to him. He shows many close up camera shots of what does look like a frozen bigfoot head, and even zooms in where it was severed from the rest of the body.

Skeptics point to the severed neck as suspect due to a lack of clear vertebrae and a too perfectly circular protuberance that looks more like a pole than a spinal cord.

This man’s dad definitely nailed the “collect evidence” step on the checklist of what to do if you find bigfoot, so it’s baffling that nobody has tested it in all these years. It leaves us wondering if 23 and Me charges extra for evolutionarily missing links or if the same flat rate applies. 

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