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No, Emma Corrin, chest binding is not 'cool'

Washington Examiner logo Washington Examiner 7/17/2021 Grace Glaser
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With very few exceptions, puberty is an awkward stage. Boys are plagued with intensified sex drives and squeaky voice changes. Girls are burdened with menstruation and, love it or hate it, breast development. Unfortunately, these bodily changes can provoke body dysmorphia, a mental illness involving obsessive focus on perceived flaws in one’s appearance.

For instance, a growing number of young girls have been practicing a technique called chest binding, which involves compressing breast tissue in an attempt to appear more masculine. Compression garments are frequently worn by transgender and “nonbinary” people to diminish feelings of body dysmorphia.

Despite the potentially severe consequences, chest binding has been glamorized by fashion magazines and celebrities as a means of fueling the transgender movement. As a matter of fact, earlier this month, actress Emma Corrin (best known for her role as Princess Diana in The Crown) posted an Instagram photo of herself in a chest binder with the caption, “some time before I bought my first proper binder, messing around with @sirdavidsimon, we used boxing wrap, thanks for capturing this with me, very intimate, very new, very cool.” She then encouraged her followers to “bind safely, find what works for you.”

Here’s to poor mental health, internal organ damage, and breathing difficulties!

While WebMD validates chest binding only if done under legitimate medical supervision, it acknowledges that the severe risk factors and side effects, such as breathing restrictions, skin irritations, and bruising and rib fractures, may become life-threatening. Yet, Corrin failed to address these complications while endorsing chest binding to her hundreds of thousands of followers, many of whom are impressionable young women who don’t yet have the emotional maturity to understand the repercussions of chest binding but may be eager to jump on the bandwagon.

Chest binding is not “cool,” rebellious, or woke. Corrin is disguising self-harm as “innovative” and trendy in an attempt to advocate on a subject she apparently knows very little about. This in and of itself is frightening.

I thought it was a good thing that we had moved on from the grim Victorian era in which women were forced into corsets and foot binders to manipulate their outward appearances. But clearly, we haven’t come very far. This new wave of repression directed toward young, prepubescent girls has them questioning whether there is something wrong and shameful about their natural, healthy female bodies.

Grace Glaser is an honors student at the University of Kansas who aspires to pursue careers in both medicine and journalism.

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