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The American Medical Association goes woke

Washington Examiner logo Washington Examiner 11/5/2021 Conn Carroll
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Suppose you were hoping that your doctor’s office would remain one of the few remaining places free of the politically correct police. In that case, we have some bad news for you: The American Medical Association has gone woke.

In conjunction with the Association of American Medical Colleges Center for Health Justice, the AMA recently released a document titled Advancing Health Equity: A Guide to Language, Narrative, and Concepts.

The “toolkit” is designed to help physicians and healthcare workers achieve “health equity,” which strives to correct gaps in health outcomes that are “unjust, avoidable, unnecessary, and unfair.”

The elimination of personal responsibility and accountability are critical to this “health equity” effort. “Inequities cannot be understood or adequately addressed if we focus only on individuals, their behavior, or their biology,” the guide reads. Instead, “health equity work requires” the identification and disruption of “dominant narratives” that “limit our understanding of the root causes of health inequities.”

“Narratives grounded in white supremacy and sustaining structural racism, for example, perpetuate cumulative disadvantage for some populations and cumulative advantage for white people, especially white men,” the guide explains. “Narratives that uncritically center meritocracy and individualism render invisible the genuine constraints generated and reinforced by poverty, discrimination, and ultimately exclusion.”

Turning to how doctors should disrupt dominant narratives when talking to patients, the guide laments “the overwhelming focus on changing individual behavior to improve health, mostly avoiding the social and economic conditions which generate poor health outcomes.” Instead, when some patients fail to follow through with a health plan advised by their doctor, which the guide identifies as a dominant “non-compliance” narrative, doctors should instead consider “the significant barriers faced by the patients in their lives, from not having enough money to pay for their medications, or not having the capability to take time off work, or not being able to secure affordable childcare to participate in an activity.”

So, the next time you see the doctor and he starts to harangue you about exercising more and eating well, be sure to point out you would have exercised more and eaten more veggies, but the big, evil corporations are just making it too hard.

Unless you are a white male, of course, in which case everything wrong in the world is your fault, and you probably deserve to be sick anyway.


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