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Why Walking Is The Best Exercise During Coronavirus Lockdown

Medical Daily logo Medical Daily 4/30/2020 Charmaine Lastimosa

a person walking down a dirt road © Pixabay Everyone in the world is currently dealing with the threats posed by the coronavirus pandemic and struggling with the drawbacks of not being able to freely go outside. And for most people, there is a struggle to remain healthy since gyms and other establishments are closed.

For people who have fitness and exercise equipment at home, staying healthy may not be a problem as long as they are motivated to work out. But for many people who do not have the privilege of owning any exercise tool, losing weight or staying fit is an uphill battle.

However, experts say there is one exercise that everyone can do to remain healthy amid the coronavirus lockdowns, and it is walking. Below are the reasons why walking is the best exercise to do during the COVID-19 pandemic, as first shared by USA Today.

Improves muscle strength

Walking has been proven to counter the effects of aging on muscle strength. As humans age, their muscle strength is greatly reduced. Walking addresses this problem by building muscle mass and toning muscles in certain areas of the body, especially in the back and legs.

Promotes stronger bones

Bones tend to become weaker as people age. According to MedlinePlus, this explains why posture and gait drastically change when humans get older. Walking has been found to strengthen bones. This form of exercise gives a certain amount of stress to the bones and bone cells called osteoblasts respond well to this type of stress, preventing bone density loss.

Burns body fat

Walking is one good exercise that can make one lose weight without having to rely on gym equipment. Studies found that walking regularly does help in losing weight by burning fat. Obese people who frequently walk were even found to benefit from the fat-burning effect of walking.

Stimulates good mood

Many people are suffering from anxiety and mood swings amid the coronavirus pandemic. Walking is a good way to counter these issues because this physical activity has already been proven to have a palliative effect on a person’s mood.

Boosts heart health

Another good reason why walking is the best exercise to do while in quarantine has to do with its effects on heart health. Apparently, walking makes the heart stronger. Since it is an aerobic activity, walking promotes greater efficiency of the heart by increasing heart rate and blood pressure. As such, walking reduces the risk of developing heart disease.


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