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The Baby Wave Bob Is The Perfect Heatwave Hairstyle

Glamour [Articles and Slideshows] logo Glamour [Articles and Slideshows] 7/14/2022 Bianca London
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With the hottest day on record on the horizon, the baby wave bob is the only hairstyle people are asking for in salons RN. From the boyfriend bob to the modern Princess Diana bob, when it comes to low-key and effortless cuts, the bob simply cannot be beaten for a summer style because long, sweaty hair is *not* the one. 

The latest iteration of the haircut? The baby wave bob, which hairdressers are touting as the style of the summer because it looks ‘done’ without much effort at all.

“The baby wave bob is the ideal style for those who want a slight wave or curl in their hair, but don’t have time to do it in the mornings,” explains Issey Cooke, hairstylist at Larry King.

“It’s a super relaxed look that is so effortless that you only need to add a few waves to the top section and use a small amount of product such as Larry King Social Life Cream to scrunch into the ends to tame the frizz.”

Issey maintains that this haircut is super versatile for those looking to mix things up, because it can be styled as a beachy, soft everyday look, or a more structured and cleaner style for an evening out. “Another great thing about the baby wave bob is that there is no strict parting; it can be thrown around and worn on different sides, which is perfect for anyone worried about getting the curls in the correct place because it can be messed around and look more playful.”

According to celebrity stylist, Jay Birmingham, the key to nailing this look is getting the cut right, because you want the ends of your hair to be cut quite bluntly to help give weight and definition to the ends of your hair. “You want to ask for soft, feathered layers round your face and throughout your hair to help you create extra volume and even more texture when you wave your hair and style it for summer.”

Sadly for low-maintenance hair cut fans, this is a style that will require regular visits to the salon for a trim - and you’ll probably want to visit your hairdresser every four to six weeks to ensure your hair looks fresh and is easy to style.

“Texture is what makes this look,” adds Jay. To create the look with ease, he suggests waving your hair in alternate directions to create that baby wave effect and give you an overall effortless look. “You want your waves to be relaxed and super soft,” he says. “Take slightly larger sections of hair to help create this shape. When styling round your face, be sure to wave your hair away from your face. This helps you create that blown-out effect. You can either wear your hair in a classic middle part or flip over to one side for cool girl chic.”

Baby wave bob not for you? There's plenty of other takes on the cut you can choose that will always be on trend, especially judging from what Glamour readers are clicking on. In the past year, you've generated over 2 million views, browsing our bob trend inspo. And while, yes, there have been some other contenders for the top cut (looking at you The Shag, The Mullet  and XXL length), the bob has confidently held onto its title as the cool-girl cut we can't get enough of. 

So why are we so obsessed with going for the chop? It's all about letting go of the past, according to Dr Becky Spelman, psychologist & founder of Private Therapy Clinic. “A drastic haircut can be symbolic of letting go of the past and moving on.  A haircut can be a powerful yet relatively harmless affirmation of womanhood, of taking control of life and even success - something which most women want and so, it's something that most of us consider at some point.” 

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