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YouTube beauty guru Patrick Starrr shares his makeup routine for video calls and working from home

INSIDER logoINSIDER 4/2/2020 Rachel E. Greenspan
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  • While many Americans are working from home because of social distancing, YouTuber Patrick Starrr told Insider in an interview that he's making the effort to put on a little bit of makeup every day.
  • The Los Angeles-based YouTuber, born Patrick Simondac, said that finding his simple routine has made "the biggest difference" in his daily life.
  • Starrr said he's focusing his current videos on more fun and entertaining looks in lieu of glamorous tutorials. His next project? A Joe Exotic transformation. 

Most of the US is on some kind of lockdown or quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but YouTube beauty guru Patrick Starrr still wants to feel gorgeous. Even if the makeup artist is just FaceTiming his friends or taking meetings over the phone, putting in a little effort makes him feel like he's ready to "tackle" the day and work from home successfully.

"I have a lot of conference calls, FaceTime calls, even just seeing my friends," he told Insider in a phone interview. "And I think even just stepping out of my bedroom with a little bit of something on my face, even moisturizer or eye cream and maybe a tinted lip balm, and dressing as if I'm going to step out to a work meeting, kind of puts me in a [work] mood."

That desire to hold onto part of his normal routine is important for mental health during self-isolation. As Amanda Mull wrote for The Atlantic, "not looking" like you normally look "can be a serious stressor on top of more concrete fears about health and safety."

After a shower, Starrr mixes one or two pumps of foundation with one pump of liquid highlighter, rubs that in his hands and applies it to his face. He lets that dry before rubbing it all into his skin. "It kind of just gives you this tinted glow," he said. Then he'll add some lip balm and mascara. "It just feels so good on your face," he said, and it makes him "feel fresh."

The Los Angeles-based YouTuber, born Patrick Simondac, said that finding his simple routine has made "the biggest difference" in his daily life. But he also highlighted the importance of getting enough sleep and just "doing what you can." Starrr, who is known for his lavish makeup looks, said this makeup routine has helped him adjust to the "new normal" of staying inside most days.

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The influencer said he feels "a great responsibility" to set a good example for his followers by taking the coronavirus social distancing measures seriously. In addition to encouraging his YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat communities to stay home and wash their hands, he's also adjusting his content. Starrr said some makeup tutorial ideas felt a bit "disrespectful" to the current moment.

"As a beauty influencer, it's like, do we still promote product? Three million people have been laid off. Does it seem overzealous to be this aspirational person when people think that there's some nothing to aspire to, they just survive? I think that it has to be a balance of what I'm posting," he said.

His solution, for now, is to post "entertaining" content for his fans. One such lighthearted video is a transformation into Joe Exotic from Netflix's "Tiger King" documentary "just to throw some sparkle and delight on the internet," he said. "I'm just here to make people smile through this time."

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