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Nurse On Dad "Stealing" Diapers From Delivery Room

BabyGaga logo BabyGaga 7/12/2022 Ashley Wehrli
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A video has gone viral after a delivery nurse addressed a dad who filmed himself stealing diapers from the delivery room. When you have a baby, there always seems to be unwritten rules about what can, or can not, be done in the hospital. A lot of moms choose to bring their own supplies to the hospital, for herself and the baby. She may bring her own diapers, wipes and bathing products. However, most hospitals have a supply on hand, and this includes a nice stash in the maternity ward where mom will be with her baby until they go home.

According to Scary Mommy, a labor and delivery nurse responded to a video that a dad had made showing himself stuffing the diaper bag with diapers and other essentials from the maternity room before he left.

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Many would think that this would be considered “stealing,” and that this is something that no one should do, but is it really against the law? Is it really stealing? One labor nurse chimed in and stated how she felt about what happened.

The nurse’s name is Miki, and she is a nurse based in Seattle, but she is also a TikTok influencer, and she took the time to reply to the video.

She started off by saying that this was illegal, but she quickly said that she was just joking. She said that she is a nurse, and that after a family leaves, they have to throw everything away, and it cannot be used by the next family for sanitary reasons.

She said that you might as well take everything home with you in the room. This, of course, does not apply to the equipment or other large supplies, but diapers, wipes and baby cleaning products are all fair game to be taken home by the new parents.

She even goes on to explain more about what she means. She said that they cannot reuse the items that are in the hospital room, so you are more than welcome to take them home. She even said that if you find yourself in a position where you need extras, just let them know and more often than not, they will go and get them for you.

This may not be something that a lot of people know, but it is good to keep in mind. Other nurses chimed in the comment section, and had a good piece of advice if you are not sure if the item is fair game or not.

Basically, if the item can not be wiped down and sterilized, it is likely going to get thrown out, so just pack it up.

Sources: Scary Mommy, TikTok via @miiraiofficial


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