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Summer Style tips: What to wear over a sleeveless dress

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Are you looking for different ways to style your sleeveless dresses during the warmer months? I’ve got you covered with the best tops and layers to wear over a sleeveless dress in Summer.

What to wear over a sleeveless dress for summer © Provided by tiffanyish What to wear over a sleeveless dress for summer

Be sure to pin this image above as this guide works not only for Summer styling but as a general guide of how to style sleeveless clothing if you are looking to cover up your arms or just add a bit of extra warmth.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to styling a sleeveless dress, so whether you pair it with your favorite denim jacket or mix it up with an on trend sheer button down, the options are endless.

Check out all of the cute summer outfit ideas below that will keep you cool and stylish this summer even without long sleeves.

Sleeveless Dress Styling Tips:

#1 – Opt for sheer fabrics! The summer months are always so warm, and sheer fabrics will be your best friend! They give you the added layer without the heat and look ultra stylish

#2 – Drape over your shoulders! For an effortless effect and stylish feel, drape your layer over your shoulders to allow breeze to flow around you as you walk.

This also makes it really easy to remove the layer so you don’t have to fully commit or create an outfit around the layer if you really want the dress to shine throughout the day/night

#3 Layer underneath! We all know we can add layers on top of our sleeveless dress, but don’t forget you can also layer underneath!

Adding a basic tee or even a button down underneath a sleeveless dress gives it a totally new look and transforms it into a dress with sleeves if that is the style you’re looking for

These tips are great for sleeveless tops as well, all these tips will help cover up the upper arms. Even on hot days when I like to wear sleeveless pieces, sometimes I still don’t want to show too much skin, so these are all great ideas to pair with your sleeveless maxi dresses or even just anything with shorter sleeves!

The Most Flattering Sleeveless Dress from Amazon

Shop Here © Provided by tiffanyish Shop Here

As an added bonus, I wanted to share this incredible sleeveless dress from Amazon. This dress has over 30k reviews and for good reason! The ruching on the sides of the dress along with the asymmetrical hem make it so flattering on all body types.

Plus it comes in 36 different color ways and print options and is under $35. If you are looking for a great go-to summer outfit, get a great basic sleeveless dress like this and pair it with all of the fun layers I suggest below.

This one dress can create so many fun different looks for Summer and will be one you constantly reach for. Your Summer wardrobe will thank you with this cute dress.

The Best Tops and Layers to Wear With a Sleeveless Dress in Summer

Denim jacket / Jean jacket

Most of us have a favorite jean jacket in our closet already. It is a go-to layer pretty much year round and the easiest way to toss over any outfit.

It’s the perfect option for the summer months as it pairs perfectly summery dresses and tank tops, plus it isn’t too hot!

It’s so easy and a fun look for kids too!

Mommy and me striped maxi dresses © Provided by tiffanyish Mommy and me striped maxi dresses

This is exactly how I would style this type of look for daytime, and for night you could swap the sneakers for wedges or flat sandals and you are ready for date night!

You can even get denim in different colors like a light wash and dark wash to mix it up!

I recently did this look with my new favorite sleeveless jumpsuit and it was perfect for date night!

Shop this look here © Provided by tiffanyish Shop this look here

Sheer top

A sheer top is a genius layer for the summer as it’s not hot at all but still gives you the added sleeve length and is such a stylish way to layer with.

This feels so feminine and dainty and it adds that element to any dress you pair it with. From short sleeve to long sleeve, any sheer top you find can seamlessly be added over a sleeveless dress to create a new outfit for the hot weather.

*Style Tip* You could also pair a sheer top/bodysuit underneath a sleeveless dress for a stylish look.

Leather jacket / Black moto jacket

A faux leather jacket or moto jacket may not be in the forefront of your mind for Summer dressing, but the contrast of a flowy summer dress with a leather jacket at night is a combo I am absolutely obsessed with!

shop leopard dress and leather coat here © Provided by tiffanyish shop leopard dress and leather coat here

The two pair together effortlessly and the jacket adds a bit of edge to a more feminine style dress.

What to buy at the Fall Shopbop Sale © Provided by tiffanyish What to buy at the Fall Shopbop Sale

Obviously I wore this look while pregnant but it’s a great look for both non maternity and maternity! The bodycon dress paired with the leather moto jacket is one of my best style tips for summer days but you can even wear this look during the winter months if you add tights and boots.

For the summer, wear this for date night out on a breezy summer night!

Lace Kimono / Lace Jacket

If you are looking for a light layer or just simply want to cover your arms but do not want any added extra warmth, and sheer kimono or lace jacket is the perfect option for you.

The open weave of lace allows breeze to flow through seamlessly and really looks so pretty paired with a sleeveless dress.

Long cardigan

I love the effortless look of a duster cardigan, and I feel like they pair perfectly with a more fitted sleeveless dress in the Summer.

shop dress and cardigan here © Provided by tiffanyish shop dress and cardigan here

If you work in a office setting, this would be a great outfit option to wear to work. The cardigan is appropriate for the workplace, and the length in the back is always appreciated with a shorter/more fitted dress.

My tip to pairing a cardigan with a sleeveless dress for Summer is to pick a lighter weight knit, this way the layer doesn’t make you feel too warm but still gives you the added layer and sleeve length.

Sheer cardigan

Along with the cardigan idea, a sheer cardigan is another great one for the Summer months. The sheer fabric or loose knit helps to keep air flowing and in general the sheer cardigan look pairs perfectly with a summery dress as it completes the laid back feel.

You could also do the same thing with sheer blouses or even different kind of tops to go over your favorite summer dresses.

Suit jackets / Blazer

Blazers are a go-to for me year round as I instantly feel more put together and stylish when I add a blazer to my outfit. A blazer is a great option for the Summer, especially a linen blazer or cotton blend style, as they are effortless and pair so nicely with a chic sleeveless dress.

I love the effortless feel of draping it over your shoulders, or styling it a as a full monochrome look with all neutral shades. This is another great summer outfit idea for the office, and can easily translate for happy hour afterwards.

Button down shirt

This could be a classic button down, chambray, plaid or flannel shirt. Button down tops are really trending right now, they look great with jeans or worn open over leggings and a crop top.

I love to use them as almost a lightweight jacket and wear them over a sleeveless dress.

Whether it’s a classic white or a fun printed plaid, this is not only the perfect layer to cover your arms if needed, but you can always tie it around your waist as well if you get warm and it looks so cute.

Try tying it and wearing it as full top over a fitted sleeveless dress as well!

This gives your dress a completely new look and this kind of outfit works for so many different occasions. You could wear this to the office or to the farmers market.

From juggling work, to activities with my girls, and everything in between. A classic fitted sleeveless tank dress, a fun flannel tied around the waist and cute sneakers.

You are comfy and good to go for wherever the day takes you.

Pullover sweater

Turn your favorite sleeveless dress into a skirt when you pair a lightweight pullover sweater over top!

This look maximizes your wardrobe options and is such an easy outfit to throw together that looks really polished.

The contrast of the thin knit paired over a sleeveless silky slip dress is so chic. This would be gorgeous for a nice summer dinner out.

Layer a T-shirt

As I had mentioned above, don’t forget about the option to pair something UNDER your sleeveless dress.

Whether it be a basic t-shirt or a classic button down, when you pair a pretty slip dress or flowy sleeveless dress on top it becomes an entirely new, stylish look.

It’s a great way to cover your bare arms but also still be able to see the dress.

I love how she styled the dress above with the cute belt bag to bring in the waist. I am definitely going to recreate this outfit.

The dress itself looks like it could be dressier, but when paired with the basic tee underneath it instantly becomes perfect for a day of lunch and shopping.

What an effortless feel this pairing gives. We all have a favorite sleeveless maxi dress in our closets – just add a tee underneath and you’ve transformed it into a short sleeve dress!

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