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40 Purple Bathrooms You Will Fall In Love With

House Digest 10/21/2022 Lucy Clark
Purple and yellow bathroom © ume illus/iStock Purple and yellow bathroom

The bathroom tends to be a little plain when it comes to decoration, but it doesn't need to be. Simply introducing a bold or eye-catching color can do a lot to improve the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. One unique and effective shade is purple. Whether you add a simple purple accent wall or create a whole purple theme, it's a great color for your bathroom.

According to Color Psychology, some of the feelings stirred by purple include luxury, power, nobility, wisdom, and dignity. Purple is also associated with creative stimulation, as well as having mystical connotations. Finally, lighter shades, like lilac or lavender, have gentle and soothing effects. Since you likely both start and end your day in the bathroom, all of those connotations are beneficial to the room. Purple is still quite an intimidating color to work with, though -- especially in smaller spaces like your bathroom. Keep reading for some great ideas on how to create your own dreamy purple bathroom.

Dark Purple Tub

Bathroom dark purple bathtub © sl-f/iStock Bathroom dark purple bathtub

Purple is quite a punchy color, meaning you don't need a lot of it for it to be effective. Jazz up a simple white bathroom by adding a dark purple tiled bathtub.

Retro Purple And Orange

Retro purple and orange bathroom © ume illus/iStock Retro purple and orange bathroom

Purple is also a very fun, retro color, featured heavily in '60s, '70s, and '80s aesthetics. Lean into this aspect by pairing it with a fun and similarly retro orange.

Mauve And Purple

Mauve and purple bathroom © Richman21/iStock Mauve and purple bathroom

Purple itself is quite a recognizable shade, but there are also lots of variations, like mauve, that you can also play with in your bathroom. Alternate purple and mauve tiles for a subtle but colorful bathroom.

Modern Lilac

Lilac bathroom modern © poligonchik/iStock Lilac bathroom modern

While most people don't associate purple with modern and minimalist design, lighter and flatter shades, like lilac, fit in perfectly. Feature glass and clean lines in your lilac bathroom for a sleek, contemporary feel.

Variations Of Purple

Multiple shades of purple bathroom © archideaphoto/iStock Multiple shades of purple bathroom

If you can't pick just one purple, then have fun and experiment with multiple shades. Try and keep the warmth the same, but vary how light and dark they are on anything from the paint to the bath mats, towels, art, etc.

Lavender Tub

Lavender vintage tub bathroom © RossHelen/iStock Lavender vintage tub bathroom

Bring a modern but still quaint touch to a vintage-style clawfoot or standalone tub by painting it a light shade of lavender.

Purple Marble Floors

Purple marble floors purple bathroom © piovesempre/iStock Purple marble floors purple bathroom

When designing an eye-catching purple bathroom, you don't have to leave out the floors. Instead of simple tiles, opt for a stunning purple marble floor.

Moody Purple

Moody purple bathroom © ondatra-m/iStock Moody purple bathroom

For a more gothic and moody style bathroom, pair ornate silver and vintage silhouette plumbing with rich and dark plum purple paint.

Raw Finish

Raw finish purple bathroom wall © snorkulencija/iStock Raw finish purple bathroom wall

If you prefer a more contemporary and raw design in your bathroom, add an unfinished, purple stone wall to your bathroom, pairing it with lots of black steel and metal.

Purple Tiled Shower

Purple tile walls in shower © Richman21/iStock Purple tile walls in shower

If you have a walk-in shower, consider tiling the walls alternating shades of purple and white while keeping the hardware a simple silver or white.

Purple Lighting

Purple lighting in bathroom © piovesempre/iStock Purple lighting in bathroom

For renters or those who don't want to renovate their entire bathroom, you can still create a purple effect by swapping out your regular light bulbs for color-changing ones. Purple light is very vivid and will cast a lovely purple tint in the whole bathroom.

Floral Mix And Match

Floral and purple tiles © DimitarOmi/iStock Floral and purple tiles

Liven up a simple white and purple tile pattern by adding a purple floral tile to the mix.

Fun And Whimsical

Purple cloud bathroom © irisconcept/iStock Purple cloud bathroom

Lean into the naturally whimsical and playful sides of lighter shades of purple in your bathroom, adding in fun shapes like clouds or flowers.

Spa Retreat

Spa like purple bathroom © urfinguss/iStock Spa like purple bathroom

Purple is a very tranquil color, in both light and dark shades. For a spa-like bathroom experience, combine flatter, less saturated shades of purple with either fake or real plants.

Grape Purple

Grape purple bathroom © ume illus/iStock Grape purple bathroom

There's no need to get fancy when it comes to purple, as the color does most of the work itself. For a simple bathroom transformation, simply go for a bold grape-colored purple on the walls and cabinets, paired with black finishes.

Purple And Stone Blue

Purple and stone blue bathroom © archideaphoto/iStock Purple and stone blue bathroom

Purple and blue are a timeless color combination. Vary it up a bit by adding an orchid purple tub to your bathroom, paired with stone blue walls.

Purple And Pink

Purple and pink bathroom © ume illus/iStock Purple and pink bathroom

Purple and pink are even more classic, and go excellently in your bathroom. To avoid it feeling too frilly, opt for a darker, more sophisticated shade of pink.

Cottage Style

Floral purple bathroom © irina88w/iStock Floral purple bathroom

For a quaint, cottage-like look and feel in your bathroom, paint the room a light wisteria purple, paired with lots of purple florals and gold accents.

Eggplant And Mauve

Eggplant and mauve colored bathroom © archideaphoto/iStock Eggplant and mauve colored bathroom

Another more sophisticated spin on the classic purple and pink color combination is a deep but flat eggplant paired with a dark and rich magenta pink.

Funky Purple And Yellow

Purple and yellow bathroom © ume illus/iStock Purple and yellow bathroom

Purple and yellow are complementary colors on the color wheel, meaning they provide a nice contrast to one another, but will always look interesting and balanced. Keep the yellow to a minimum, with small touches and accents here and there.

Modern Purple And Black

Modern purple and black bathroom © kirstypargeter/iStock Modern purple and black bathroom

Another way to make purple look modern and sleek is to pair a flat but deep violet shade with black tiling and contemporarily designed plumbing -- think hard lines, square silhouettes, floating designs, etc.

Magenta Walls

Magenta bathroom tile walls © kelllll/iStock Magenta bathroom tile walls

As stated earlier, purple is incredibly effective on its own. Make a simple but stand-out statement in your bathroom with magenta tiled walls, paired best with simple white plumbing and floors.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary style purple bathroom © poligonchik/iStock Contemporary style purple bathroom

For a bathroom that is simultaneously trendy, contemporary, and colorful, pair Scandinavian-style cabinets and other bathroom features with a contrasting violet purple.

Emerald And Mauve

Emerald and mauve bathroom © ume illus/iStock Emerald and mauve bathroom

Green is also a complementary color to some shades of purple. Let emerald be the star of the show with this duo, contrasting it with touches of a rich but flat mauve purple.

Amethyst Colored Bathroom

Amethyst colored bathroom appliances © ume illus/iStock Amethyst colored bathroom appliances

For a twist on tradition, swap out all your plumbing for a deep amethyst alternative, keeping the rest of the bathroom in simple shades of white.

Retro And Techno

Funky and retro bathroom tiles © Baburkina/iStock Funky and retro bathroom tiles

Lean into the funky, techno aspect of purple by creating a multi-shade purple tile wall, carrying it over to your tub, sink, etc.

Soft Lilac

Soft lilac colored bathroom © anhoog/iStock Soft lilac colored bathroom

A simpler, more subtle way to incorporate lots of purple in your bathroom without overwhelming it is to go for a very soft, delicate shade of lilac.

Classic Plum

Plum colored walls bathroom © archideaphoto/iStock Plum colored walls bathroom

Add a level of depth to your bathroom by incorporating a classic plum-colored accent wall, which will help white appliances and plumbing stand out.

Cloud Like Lavender

Cloud like lavender accent wall © piovesempre/iStock Cloud like lavender accent wall

Another option for a spa-like, purple bathroom is an accent wall -- specifically, a relaxing mix of white and purple in a cloud-like style.

Double Purple Tile

Double purple bathroom tile © DimitarOmi/iStock Double purple bathroom tile

If you can't decide between purple tiled floors or walls, go for both! Make sure to add touches of white or another light color on either the floors or walls to keep it from feeling too overwhelmingly purple.

Purple Mood Lighting

Purple mood lighting in bathroom © Pixel-Shot/Shutterstock Purple mood lighting in bathroom

For a slight variation on the earlier mentioned purple lighting, instead of bright and lighter purple lighting, go for a darker, moodier shade of purple lighting to easily liven up your bathroom.

Pale Purple Walls

Pale purple bathroom walls © Jason Finn/Shutterstock Pale purple bathroom walls

If you only want the slightest touch of purple in your bathroom, paint the walls a light and pale shade of purple.

Iris Purple Accent Wall

Iris purple accent wall bathroom © Hendrickson Photography/Shutterstock Iris purple accent wall bathroom

Another great shade of purple to add to your bathroom as an accent wall color is iris, which looks great with clean white appliances.

Plum Subway Tiles

Plum subway tiles bathroom walls © Aleks Kend/Shutterstock Plum subway tiles bathroom walls

Add some variation to the classic black-and-white style of subway tiles by swapping them out for plum tiles with white grouting.

Gray And Purple Tile Walls

Gray and purple tile walls © in4mal/iStock Gray and purple tile walls

Add a simple but effective touch of purple to your bathroom with a purple and gray tile wall, calming it down with neutral gray floor tiles.

Purple Curtains

Purple curtains bathtub window © Instagram Purple curtains bathtub window

If you have a window by your bathtub, a great way to add some purple and privacy at the same time is with vibrant purple curtains. When closed, they'll almost look like an accent wall.

Purple Sink Counter

Purple sink counter bathroom © poligonchik/iStock Purple sink counter bathroom

Another unique way to add purple to your bathroom is by painting your sink cabinet purple, leaving the rest of the room simple and neutral.

Dark Grape Walls

Dark grape colored bathroom walls © archideaphoto/iStock Dark grape colored bathroom walls

Add a dark, almost mulberry-colored accent wall, or even paint all your bathroom walls for a moody and complex-looking bathroom.

Simple But Effective Accent Wall

Dark bathroom small purple sliver © KatarzynaBialasiewicz/iStock Dark bathroom small purple sliver

You don't even need a whole wall for purple to stand out in even the busiest of bathrooms. If you have a small gap of wall in between tiles or appliances, paint it purple for a simple but effective pop of color.

Purple, Pink, And Red

Purple, pink, and red tiles © archideaphoto/iStock Purple, pink, and red tiles

For a bright and punchy bathroom, combine bold and vivid shades of pink, purple, and red. Use them as colors for gradient-style wall tiles.

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