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5 Bedroom Paint Colors To Pair With Green Bedding

House Digest 9/21/2022 Lauren Schott
candles and flowers on green bedding © Kryvenok Anastasiia/Shutterstock candles and flowers on green bedding

One of the most important aspects of interior design is the use of color and its role in affecting a space's overall mood and vibe. This relationship between color and human perception is called color theory. According to Interaction Design Foundation, culture, psychology, and even the science behind the human eyes all play a role in how we perceive color. Interaction Design Foundation says professional interior designers are encouraged to utilize the practice to enhance the favorable psychological effect through strategic and intentional color choices. This is because, per the rules of color theory, specific shades and color combinations in a living space can significantly affect our emotions and energy levels.

Green, in particular, has been majorly trending in design lately, thanks to the positive influence it can have on a space's mood. Well+Good notes that green provides much of the energy that yellow is notorious for while also having many of the calming aspects of blue. Because of this, green can help create a sense of harmony and balance -- making it a popular choice in interior design and home décor aspects such as bedding. Armed with expert information regarding the best colors to pair with your green bedding can help you further expand color theory in your own home and help you take your bedroom aesthetic to the next level.

Double-Up On Green

green bedding with green walls © Followtheflow/Shutterstock green bedding with green walls

Because green is one of the most versatile colors to utilize in any design space, it looks great in different palettes and pairs well with most colors, even other shades of green. Well+Good reports that four major paint brands -- Behr, Benjamin Moore, Glidden, and PPG Paints -- announced some shade of green as their 2022 Color of the Year. According to Benjamin Moore, their annual Color of the Year selection is based on a year-long study of cultural, art, and fashion trends and influences. Since green is one of the most on-trend colors in many design aspects, it makes for a fantastic paint color option to pair with your green bedding to maximize the positive energy the color gives off.

If you are looking for green paint colors to pair with your green bedding, examining some of the Color of the Year" green shades for inspiration is a great place to start. Ballard Designs says that referencing a color wheel to find adjacent shades to your desired color is a foolproof way to incorporate different hues of color into your room in a way that works. Find a shade of green that most closely resembles the color of your bedding, and then find a shade or two of green next to it on the color wheel to add dimension to your green while still being monochromatic.

Try A Nature-Themed Wallpaper

green sheets with wallpaper © green sheets with wallpaper

Experts theorize that green is famous in home décor due to its association with plants and nature. "It's conjectured that we have such a positive response to green because eons ago, when we were around lots of green plants, it meant that life was generally good," Environmental Psychologist Sally Augustin says to Well+Good.

Green's inherent connection to nature is why the color naturally lends itself to many nature-themed patterns commonly found in wallpaper design, such as flowers and leaves. Designer Claire Zinnecker tells Well+Good that green is not only calming due to its connection with nature but also helps keep a design scheme neutral and matches with just about anything -- making it an excellent bedding color to use as an accent against a patterned wall. This is a great way to add dimension and contrast to your bedroom through the use of patterns while also still keeping the space calming and welcoming.

Keep It Neutral

green bedding, neutral room © green bedding, neutral room

The Mood Guide says that ivory and white are some of the most popular colors to pair with green due to their ability to amplify the calming and tranquil vibe that green creates on its own. So, if you want to subtly incorporate green bedding into your bedroom by using it as a neutral, consider utilizing ivory or a warm, white shade of paint to balance it out. Incorporating green houseplants into a neutral bedroom and amplifying them with green bedding is also an easy way to add visual interest to the space. It also maximizes the positive effects of the color green while keeping the room's color palette neutral.

Darker and more muted green tones in your bedding, such as olive, look particularly stunning when paired with warm, neutral paint colors like ivory. Parachute Home says the earthy effects that dull greens like olive give off help to create a relaxed, natural vibe -- particularly when paired with ivory tones and natural wood accents that can help amplify the organic feel of the room.

Warm It Up With A Rosy Tone

pink and green bedroom © pink and green bedroom

Contrary to popular belief, the color pink can be used sophisticatedly and doesn't always have to equate to tacky flamingo lawn ornaments. Warming up your bedroom and green bedding by introducing a contrasting subtle pink shade like blush or coral is one of the best ways to leave your space looking sleek, stylish, and playful while still being ultra-tasteful. 

"Accent colors work really in bedrooms and shades such as pinks and greens produce a really romantic aesthetic and there are many ways in which to create an interplay between the shades," Helen Shaw, Director of Benjamin Moore, tells Real Homes. "However, my favorite is combining lighter ice-cream shades of these colors," she concluded. Muted and toned-down rosy shades of paint in colors like dusty pink help introduce a playful and feminine flair to your space through the use of contrasting colors without it feeling too bold or overwhelming. This is a perfect color combination if you want to utilize a lot of colors but have a small bedroom that can be easily overwhelmed with more daring, brighter shades.

Complement It With A Warm Gray

Green and warm gray bedroom © Green and warm gray bedroom

If you want to amplify the impact your green bedding has on your bedroom but are looking to offset it with neutral accents, splashing your walls with a shade of gray is a great way to achieve that balance. "Green and gray can look wonderful together in a bedroom. Both colors are easy on the eyes and emit a feeling of calm," Lindye Galloway, founder, and chief creative officer of Lindye Galloway Studio + Shop, tells Real Homes

Jen and Mar, founders of Interior Fox, also suggest via the publication to go for a gray that has naturally warm undertones to complement the green and make the room feel extra inviting. This will eliminate the sterile effect that cooler gray tones can have on a room. They also recommend incorporating accent rugs and throw pillows in complementary shades to add style to the space and to prevent the room from looking too two-toned.

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