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9 Things You Should Never Flush Down the Toilet

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Before you flush that cat litter or expired medication down the toilet, stop for a hot second - you might be making a major mistake. Some everyday items could cause major issues for your pipes and the environment if they get flushed, and we're not just talking about that used tampon (though that is one thing that doesn't need to ride the pipe system waterslide). "The toilet bowl is not a trash can," says Steven J. Hausman, Ph.D., president of Hausman Technology Presentations and a member of the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission's Board of Ethics. "The only things it is designed to handle are the three Ps: pee, poop, and paper."

So next time you want to use your toilet as a dumping grounds, make sure the equipment can hold up. And if you decide to flush any of these items, be prepared for the phone call you'll likely have to make to the plumber soon after.

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