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Atomic Heart: Hospital Door Code

GameRant 3/25/2023 Mohsen Baqery
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The Hospital is a section of the Pavlov Complex where players need to make their way out of the Blood Courier and enter the lab. It has several doors with Light, Pattern, and Timing lock types that block the path. Players having trouble figuring it our need not worry though as this complete guide explains how to unlock all Hospital doors quick.

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How to Unlock Hospital Door in Atomic Heart

There are four locked doors at the Hospital. The first one, the Blood Courier door, is unlocked with the code: Left, center, bottom, and upper right. The second one is opened by matching the colored dots with the lock cylinders. And the third door requires snapping at the right time—when the light crosses over the cylinders. The last one, however, requires a key card.

Here’s a step-by-step guide.

Door #1: Blood Courier

Section 7 at the Hospital has a locked door that protects 5 loot boxes. To open it, players must solve a light puzzle, which can be found on the hospital ward, the bottom floor. The code is left, center, bottom, and upper right.

Door #2: Hospital Section 7

Next to the Blood Courier door, there’s another locked entrance that leads to the basement. To unlock it, match the colored dots with the closed cylinders. On Xbox, press A to reposition the dots and use the left or right trigger to rotate them until the door opens.

Door #3: Drain System (Basement)

Continuing the path at the Hospital takes players into the basement, a drain system facility. Here, they must first turn the wheel that fills the room with water to access the locked door. Then, they must snap right when the light crosses over a locked cylinder to unlock the door.

Door #4: Plyusch Lab

The last door at the Povlov Complex’s Hospital is in the lab. It doesn’t have a code or pattern but requires a key card. To find the card, get into the room on the left and loot the closets. Once the key card is retrieved, push it into the lab door lock and unlock it.

There are two inactive Plyusch in the lab. To avoid them, do not shoot or touch their tubes. Just keep away from them and focus on killing other mutants at a safe range.

Atomic Heart is available now for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

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