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The Best Airbnbs In Atlanta, Georgia

House Digest 2/6/2023 Gwen Swanson
atlanta rustic sunroom © Airbnb atlanta rustic sunroom

Atlanta, Georgia, is known for its various cultures, which can be seen reflected in the city's art, cuisine, and architecture. Architects and interior designers have drawn their inspiration from both classic European architecture and the local scene to create various looks that include modern, rustic, boho, and contemporary designs. You can see many of these designs in the luxury Airbnbs the city offers, which make a conscious effort to follow modern trends while preserving their historical roots.

According to Georgia Wildlife Resources Division, over 20 major styles of historic houses are found throughout Atlanta, including well-known types like Greek Revival, Folk Victorian, Queen Anne, Italian Renaissance, and Colonial-inspired. These various styles sprung up throughout the 1800s to 1940s, many of which were built by famous architects. Although the exteriors of the homes tend to maintain their historical appearances, many have been completely renovated inside, displaying more modern design trends. Explore the Airbnbs listed below to see some of these unique designs.

Modern Luxury Marketplace Apartment

modern bedroom with window © Airbnb modern bedroom with window

With massive windows overlooking the street below, Green with Envy is an apartment listed on Airbnb that provides modern comfort in a city-like atmosphere. Tall gray curtains sweep the floor and can be pushed aside to let natural light flood over an expertly designed studio. There are no dividers in the room, and most of the areas are set apart by cleverly painted accent walls of soot black and white. Sequoia mentions that accent walls shouldn't match but accent the room, meaning you shouldn't have them mirror the bed or rug colors. Instead, choose a complementary color to add some contrast, much like how this designer chose a black wall to contrast against the white bed.

A mottled gray rug, dusty pink accent chairs, and a sage green couch make up the living area, while the dining space nearby features the same sage green for its seating. The furniture utilizes a blend of black, white, and gold metal finishes, making the apartment's interior appear more complex without being too loud. The round mirror hanging over the bed and central chandelier are also brushed in this gold finish, further brightening the room's subtle tones. Most of the other wall decor is grayscale artwork encased in bold black framing, which contributes to the modern vibe of the studio.

Rustic Carriage House

Antique living room with fireplace © Airbnb Antique living room with fireplace

Located in a more suburban area in Atlanta, Georgia, is the Cozy Quiet Carriage House. This stay was originally built in 1927, and the hosts use its historical roots to create a transitional and rustic space. The hardwood floors are original, making them nearly a century old, though they have been refinished and stained to maintain their vibrant orange appearance.

The living room features many transitional-designed furniture options, including a cloth Lawson-style couch with large track arms and black leather accent chairs. A glass coffee table sits on top of an animal hide rug, and both these items are at the foot of a decorative stone fireplace. The rough stone look is a popular choice for antique fireplaces, favored for its bucolic aesthetic. The surrounding walls are lined with white shelving decorated with books, vases, picture frames, and other ornamental tchotchkes. However, one of the most notable pieces in the room is a large wooden cabinet seated between two vintage chairs. This armoire-style cabinet has exposed metal hinges and natural wood finish, introducing a more rustic touch to the transitional layout while complementing the fireplace and center rug.

Historic Vintage House

medieval room with chest © Airbnb medieval room with chest

The Historic Guest House & Gardens Airbnb is within walking distance of the famous Marietta Park and marketplace just outside Atlanta's main city. This unique stay was originally a smokehouse built in the 1840s, and the hosts have leaned into creating a traditional interior with medieval-inspired elements. With stone walls and a vintage wood stove, it looks like a room in a history museum.

The bed is a traditional four-post bed with a large white quilt and wooden chest at the foot. A pair of antique oil lamps are attached to the wood plank wall above two side tables, following a bedroom layout that's remained popular in homes for centuries. This bedroom has no shortage of amenities, as it's also decorated with a wooden daybed, scriptorium, rocking chair, and armoire, which share the same natural walnut finish and contribute to the antique atmosphere. The collection of floor rugs adds color to a room otherwise filled with brown and white color choices. These are Persian-inspired rugs, characterized by their symmetrical and geometric designs (via Cambridge Dictionary). They are dyed in shades of red, which is a color often associated with good luck and fortune, adding a feeling of luxury to this charmingly old-fashioned space.

Contemporary Urban Loft

gray and green contemporary studio © Airbnb gray and green contemporary studio

The Jade Loft is owned by the same hosts of the "Green with Envy" Airbnb, and it echoes the same design. Following the strategy of their other luxury studio, the hosts also utilized accent walls to partition out this large room. Gray oversized bricks line the wall behind the large white modern bed, and a unique gold art piece is displayed overhead. The living area faces the bed with a collection of mid-century modern velvet chairs and a contemporary leather couch with black accent pillows. Large windows take up most of the far wall, lined with curtains chosen to elongate the space and make it appear larger. 

The contemporary coffee table serves as a centerpiece for the room, nestled between the seating area and the foot of the bed. A golden geometric chandelier hangs overhead, adding a pop of color to the gray and white space.

Cozy, Eclectic Farmhouse

eclectic dining room with fireplace © Airbnb eclectic dining room with fireplace

Few Airbnbs have the cozy, eclectic vibe of the Cabbagetown Millhouse in Atlanta, Georgia. This boho-style stay is remarkable for its main living area and foyer, which features shiplap walls and natural hardwood floors. A mottled white rug is layered above a tasseled rattan rug, mixing two carpet styles commonly seen in bohemian-inspired decor— layering and natural fabrics. Within this room is a flower-shaped coffee table, a loud pink and brown patterned chair, and a gray couch, which combines an eclectic blend of styles to add to the bohemian feel.

Directly behind this seating area is the dining room, which is walled off by an antique brick fireplace. This is the original fireplace once used for heating and cooking in decades past. The dining area matches the connecting room's eclectic vibe with its unique furniture choice. The dining table has wooden legs and a stone top, while clear chairs with metal legs surround it. A geometric table runner, traditional candles, and glass vases are used as elegant centerpieces, while an antique bicycle stands parked along the wall. The combination of multiple styles and materials is eclectic but doesn't overcrowd the room, keeping the design aesthetically pleasing without overdoing it. This is achieved by leaving enough space for walking and not over-decorating certain areas.

Earth-Tone, Modern Apartment

navy blue couch in white room © Airbnb navy blue couch in white room

This cozy two-bedroom unit in Atlanta, Georgia, is the pinnacle of modern comfort with its minimalistic style and cool color scheme. The far wall of the living room is entirely made up of windows and a glass door. Tall white curtains drape on either side, allowing plenty of natural light into a room full of natural wood, white marble, and navy blue upholstery.

This living space mostly sticks to neutral colors, with its pale hardwood floors, wooden-accented console table, and crochet-style throw pillows. The coffee table, wall shelves, and plant pots are fashioned like white marble, making the room look crisp and clean in the bright sunlight. The only item contrasting the light tones is the navy blue sectional, which anchors the room and adds a touch of warmth. The hosts behind this Airbnb make the most of this space by also adding a small office area in the far corner by the window. The wall slightly juts out to block off vertical shelving and a desk chair for more functional purposes. 

Bright, Contemporary Home

calla lily living room © Airbnb calla lily living room

Classy meets subtle in this Westside Bungalow in Atlanta, Georgia. This home follows a "Calla Lily" color palette using pale pink, forest green, and neutrals (via Offeo). The contrast of pinks and greens in this palette is vibrant while keeping to color schemes found in nature, making it a popular choice for living rooms in interior design.

What sets this bungalow apart from other homes that use this scheme is how it incorporates bohemian-style accents throughout the living room. With a sun-shaped mirror hanging over white shelving and a rattan ottoman by the armchair, the room appears cozy and classy. Underfoot is a large gray and white striped rug that adds to the bohemian atmosphere and adds a pop of interest to the space. Several patterned throw pillows, a white tasseled throw blanket, and matching wall art complete the seating area to create a cohesive interior design. Also worth mentioning are the plain off-white walls and dark hardwood floors, which allow the colorful pieces to take center stage. Using less flashy flooring and walls makes establishing other focal points in the room easier, keeping a nice balance.

Modern, All-Gray Home

gray kitchen with yellow dinnerware © Airbnb gray kitchen with yellow dinnerware

The "Clean Townhome" in Atlanta, Georgia, is noteworthy due to its all-gray interior and rare splashes of color. The kitchen and dining area are incredibly sleek and modern, with minimal clutter and decor adorning its surfaces. The walls and wooden floors are light gray, matching the pewter-toned cabinetry and stainless steel appliances. Even the dining table, four farmhouse-style chairs, and bench are the same light shade as the cabinets.

The only items that offset the completely gray interior are the bright yellow accents sporadically placed throughout. The dining table has bright yellow dishware and multi-colored tulips in yellow jars. The kitchen has floral floor mats, yellow dish towels, and glass vases full of lemons to add more dashes of this chosen color. Even the wall decor keeps to this strict stylistic theme, making this thematic stay unlike other modern interiors. According to Archi, our eyes can differentiate between 500 shades of gray, which many may find surprising due to its neutral tone. We see this in action in this Airbnb, where different shades of gray are paired together to create a harmonious effect.

Black And White Modern Bungalow

dark rustic living room © Airbnb dark rustic living room

The hosts of the ATL Layover #1 boast that this Airbnb is the trendiest bungalow on the block. Built in the 1930s, this black and white themed boho bungalow merges modern and rustic designs to create a unique home style. While most homes on this list feature brightly colored room schemes, this rental features darker shades, including browns, tans, and black. Flooring America enthuses dark wood flooring, stating that it brings richness and warmth to rooms. This type of flooring also creates a more sophisticated feeling, especially when contrasted with bursts of lighter colors, such as white walls, curtains, and a hide-shaped rug, as seen in this Airbnb.

The focal point of this room is a large brick fireplace, which is painted black and embellished with candlesticks, a golden mirror, and dark wood shelving. The additional decor spruces up the traditional fireplace that was a part of the original construction, modernizing an antique installation. Also decorating the room are a pair of circular nesting coffee tables, a brown pouf ottoman, and leather seating. Nesting tables have become increasingly popular in smaller homes and apartments in recent years. They provide more room for holding items without taking up valuable square footage, making them a necessary commodity for city dwellers.

Modern Apartment With Skyline View

modern skyline view apartment © Airbnb modern skyline view apartment

The "Lux High-rise" has a gorgeous luxury interior and an unbeatable skyline view. An open floor plan contains the kitchen, dining area, and living room, and this entire space is completely surrounded by windows that provide a bird's eye view of the surrounding architecture. Gray industrial walls, gray wood floors, and a high ceiling create a wide open space adorned with modern furniture. This apartment is decorated with contemporary layouts in mind, as it doesn't have a traditional dining area. There is bar seating in the kitchen with tall white cushioned barstools, or you can sit at a strategically placed high table. The glass and metal high table is set in the corner of the room beside a large plant and has a view from two windows on either side. Sitting at this table is a remarkable experience as it delivers a look at nearby skyscrapers, parks, and other Atlanta areas.

The rest of the room leads into a living space with a black shag rug, glass coffee table, and black and white leather sectional. According to Unilin, black and white (or monochrome) interiors greatly improve the appearance of other colors in the room. This explains why the gray walls, various plants, and tan-colored throw pillows appear more vibrant in this space. This contrast is further accentuated by the natural light that streams in from the windowed walls. 

Mid-Century Modern Ranch Home

gray living room with fireplace © Airbnb gray living room with fireplace

This ranch home is one of the more spacious Airbnbs in Atlanta, Georgia, and features a mid-century modern interior. Following a common design trend in this area, the living room is decorated with gray Lawson-style couches, small geometric pillows, and a vibrant green throw blanket. The far wall has a decorative white tile fireplace beside a black console table and flatscreen, creating a multifunctional living space for watching television or relaxing.

Adding to the modern atmosphere is a centered glass coffee table on a gray geometric rug, giving the room more texture without removing the muted color scheme. On the opposite side of the main living room stands a small glass desk and a black mid-century modern chair over a monochrome striped rug. This Airbnb is outfitted with several lighting fixtures, including hanging lights, floor lamps, table lamps, and several standard-sized windows. According to Mobile Diseño, the substantial lighting is beneficial for making rooms feel more spacious, complex, and inviting. The brighter environment causes the room to give off a better mood, therefore making its inhabitants happier.

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