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Cancer: Your daily horoscope - August 12

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Today you could visit a friend who's recuperating from an illness or injury. This person is likely to be bored and antsy, and therefore you should be prepared to hear all about his frustrations. Your friend probably needs a sympathetic ear right now, so stiffen your resolve and listen. Someday you might want someone to do the same for you! The secret is to be supportive without agreeing with every complaint. Your friend needs company - not coddling.Our top advisors are waiting to guide you along your path to success.

Your love horoscope

Your sexual drive is apt to be running at an extremely high level, and it could be that this topic is the only one on your mind. Every person you see may stir feelings within you, even though you may already be committed to one person. If you are not committed to anyone, however, this is definitely the time to make a move. Your thirst for love is strong, so by all means you should take definite action to quench it.

Your career horoscope

You might be thinking about your financial situation. Perhaps you are worried about having enough money to pay all of your expenses. Don't allow yourself to fall into depression about your cash flow. Instead, think more creatively. What are three things that you can do right now to create more money? Perhaps there is some freelance work that you can do. Or maybe you can ask a friend to repay an old loan. Take charge of the situation, and you will soon be back on track.

Your finance horoscope

This is a good day to keep a low profile. Any attention that comes your way today is likely to be suspect. Don't trust the motives of anyone who asks too many questions, or who seems unusually interested in anything you're doing. This is not a good day to start new projects, or to move forward with any new acquaintances. Lose yourself in the pursuit of your own interests.

Your wellbeing horoscope

Your energy level is probably very high today - almost to the point where you feel you might even be able to run a 20-mile marathon! Seriously, you probably are thinking in terms of getting out of town for a while. Exercising, or participating in sports, could also be very appealing. You might also direct some of this energy into creative projects of some kind. Take care not to overdo, however. You can still get too tired.

Tomorrow's horoscope

A new talent, perhaps for psychic readings or spiritual healing, could come to the surface today. You may find it difficult to believe that you can do what you appear to be doing, but the encouragement of friends could spur you on to try to do more with it. This could well alter the way you earn your income. Consider all contingencies carefully before opting for any one course of action. You won't want to plunge wildly on ahead.

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Life: You are fantasizing about changing life paths and following your dreams. Your daily routine is boring you and you want some action in your life! The Moon and Neptune will inspire you this weekend and will help unleash your creativity.

Love: Thanks to the influence of Mercury and Mars you’ll make lots of new friends this week and will even find the courage to repair some of your forgotten about friendships. If you are in a relationship, give things time to develop and don’t get ahead of yourself.

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Cancer love horoscope:

Venus in your sign will make you both cuddlier and more protective. Between the 15th and the 23rd, a "love at first sight" encounter is possible. If you are in a relationship, you’ll feel closer than ever to your partner.

Cancer career horoscope:

You are a hard worker and never give up on your projects; no matter how ambitious they are. Keep your eyes open because a great opportunity could come your way towards the end of August.

Astro Bonus: 

You’ll find deals that have a positive impact on your finances.

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