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Libra: Your daily horoscope - August 03

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You may find yourself feeling insecure about your appearance today. This can be a viscous cycle to get into, and the end result is almost always negative. Rather than picking yourself apart with this thing or that, consider finding ways to accept your looks as they are. Whether it's your weight or age or anything else, if you can't accept yourself as is, you'll always find something wrong no matter how many changes you make.Who is your ideal partner? Our advisors have the answer for you!

Your love horoscope

You're very generous when it comes to love, and today you could go a bit overboard with your desire to please that special someone. Your passions and feelings of affection might be strong today, and you could woo someone with fervent emotion. You could get into the drama of setting a beautiful scene, with roses, romantic music, and the like. Just make sure that your feelings for this person are genuine, because this could be an intoxicating mixture!

Your career horoscope

Sometimes you’re so detached from your physical body that you grow tired. This could be worse if you work at a computer or a job that focuses on mental energy instead of physical activity. Today you might feel like you need to recharge your body's systems. Think of your body like a bank account: you need to be investing regular savings or energy into your body to stay well. Think about taking some vitamins or doing some exercise.

Your finance horoscope

It may not be easy for you to convince someone today. No matter how profound your idea is, and how convincing your explanations may be, the other person is just not ready to open up to it yet. Don't be pushy, and give them a few days to let it sink in. Maybe this other person needs to sleep a couple of nights on this proposal, or maybe they just need to do some more research on their own. So be patient and focus on other things in the meantime!

Your wellbeing horoscope

Your flamboyant display might not exactly go over too well, so don't even bother selling tickets to this show. You are better off waiting until a time when your talents will be more appreciated. This is a better time to build the set and set up the lights. Organize the stage direction and make sure that all the players have their lines down. Then again, the restrictive mood of the day might find you not even wanting to leave your dressing room, and this is fine, too.

Tomorrow's horoscope

You are not the kind of person who likes to lead a conventional life. You are not afraid of the unknown and relish new worlds and cultures. You sometimes have the desire to completely change your entire life! Today, you will be happy to find unusual directions which could lead to new horizons.

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Life: Your dynamic and creative personality will shine through this week, Libra friends. The Moon and Jupiter will ensure you have the necessary support to make some brave decisions on Friday. Things are about to change for you!

Love: Your week will be full of beautiful moments with your friends and family. If you are about to head on vacation, you are likely to make lots of new friends during your adventures. The weekend will be rich in deep conversations.

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Libra love horoscope:

During the first week of the month, you’ll be full of joy and kindness. Then, your mood will suddenly change and you’ll end up pushing people away and even hurting their feelings.

Libra career horoscope:

If you are going on vacation this month, make sure you plan plenty of activities in order to avoid getting bored. If, however you are still working, make your voice heard and speak up about the projects that passion you.

Astro Bonus: 

Around the 17th, good news about a project will reach you.

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