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10 Anime Heroes Who Don't Wear Costumes

CBR logo CBR 7/2/2022 Louis Kemner
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The world of anime is famous for featuring hundreds of protagonists with colorful, even dazzling, visual designs. Most of those shonen and shojo protagonists wear eye-popping costumes, such as Sailor Moon's uniform or Saitama's custom hero outfit. However, other anime heroes forgo costumes or unique clothes in favor of ordinary streetwear.

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Some protagonists simply lack the money or the interest for a cool costume like Goku's gi outfit or Ichigo's bankai costume, so they wear perfectly ordinary clothes, from T-shirts and hoodies to business suits, school uniforms, and more. Perhaps flashy superhero costumes are overrated after all; clothing from ordinary retail shops can be perfectly fine for a heroic adventure.

Josuke Higashikata Wears A School Uniform (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

The third and fourth Joestar heroes wear high school uniforms to give them a more modern look compared to the Victorian hero Jonathan Joestar and the Battle Tendency protagonist, Joseph Joestar. In 1999, Josuke Higashikata took over as the newest Joestar hero, and he didn't feel the need to dress up for the role.

Josuke is nearly always seen in his high school uniform, and aside from cool features like that gold anchor, it's a fairly ordinary school uniform after all. Josuke's idea of a hero costume is his cool hair, which he will vigorously defend if insulted.

Light Yagami Wears A School Uniform, Too (Death Note)

The genius antihero Light Yagami isn't one for costumes or fancy outfits that make him look like a runway model. Light would rather blend into ordinary Japanese society so he can avoid L and the Japanese police, though he can dress up at least a little bit for dates on the weekend.

Light wore his high school's uniform at first, and once he started going to college, he switched to slightly trendy but otherwise ordinary clothing while battling L. Later still, in his 20s, Light usually wore business suits or business casual outfits.

Takemichi Hanagaki Tries To Blend In (Tokyo Revengers)

The shonen protagonist Takemichi Hanagaki was a punk kid in the mid-2000s or so, and as of 2017, he was a total nobody as a part-time convenience store employee. Then he got a chance to travel back in time to revisit his delinquent days and prevent the tragic death of Hinata, his dear friend.

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Takemichi does what he can to blend in, wearing fairly ordinary clothes for the era and not stand out in the process. He will also wear school uniforms and even Toman's own uniform to impress everyone, but that's more of a uniform than a costume. He's not exactly a caped superhero.

Killua Zoldyck Wears Ordinary Duds (Hunter X Hunter)

Plenty of characters in Hunter x Hunter wear cool outfits that qualify as costumes, such as Hisoka Morrow's jester-like outfit or some of Chrollo Lucifer's fancier getups. By contrast, the electric protagonist Killya Zoldyck sees no need to impress anyone with a flashy costume of any kind.

Killua wears fairly ordinary clothes during his adventures, including white T-shirts and tank tops, basketball shorts, sneakers, and the like. He gives little thought to his appearance since he would much rather let his actions do the talking. He's practical that way.

Nezuko Kamado Prefers Her Pink Kimonos (Demon Slayer)

Most demon slayers wear uniforms, while it's the independent-minded demons who tend to wear unique outfits or villain costumes, with Akaza the Upper Moon 3 being a notable example. Then there's Nezuko Kamado, who wears neither a costume nor a uniform.

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Nezuko has always been fond of pink kimonos, both as a human and as a demon, and it's a good look for this character. Nezuko has no trouble running and leaping in her outfit, and it rarely gets torn or dirty, either. She always looks her best.

Nobara Kugisaki Has No Costume To Speak Of (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Most of the heroes in Jujutsu Kaisen are trainee sorcerers who wear their school uniforms, which include dark blue jackets, pants, and knee-length skirts. Some adult sorcerers like Kento Nanami have more unique outfits that are almost like costumes, but not Yuji and his friends.

Nobara Kugisaki, for example, nearly always appears clad in her school uniform, especially during training exercises or missions. She might wear ordinary street clothes and daydream about wearing fancy outfits, but no costumes for her. She would find that rather silly anyway.

Orihime Inoue Prefers Her Everyday Clothes (Bleach)

Most characters in Bleach wear uniforms, such as the Soul Reaper uniform or those of the Wandenreich. A few characters do wear unique costumes, such as Don Kanonji, but that's an exception. Ichigo's good friend Orihime Inoue, for example, would much rather not wear a goofy costume.

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Orihime vastly prefers to wear her ordinary street clothes, from sweatpants to pink shirts to sundresses, and she only put on a Soul Reaper uniform for stealth purposes in the Soul Society. Later, when kidnapped by Ulquiorra, she was required to put on an Arrancar-style dress uniform in Las Noches, but she would never wear such a thing on her own.

Leon Bartfort Prefers His School Uniform And Combat Suit (Trapped In A Dating Sim)

Some isekai heroes wear cool outfits or costumes, such as Rimuru Tempest's various getups or Azusa Aizawa's stylish witch outfit. Then there's the otome game protagonist Leon Bartfort, the thirdborn son of a minor noble family. He's got no time for dazzling costumes or trendy accessories.

Instead, Leon is nearly always seen in his school's fairly drab uniform, and he is fine with that. And when it's time to fight, Leon will put on a dark gray combat suit to pilot his giant robot, his Armor, in comfort. Leon's outfits all declare, "I don't want to stand out."

Rokuro Okajima/Rock Wears What Remains Of His Business Suit (Black Lagoon)

The hardcore seinen thriller Black Lagoon stars Rokuro Okajima, a salaryman turned outlaw who now runs with the Black Lagoon mercenary gang. Rokuro never ended up getting a cool villain costume or anything like that, instead wearing what remained of his business suit, such as the shirt and tie.

In the crime-ridden Roanapur, where poverty and desperation are common, business casual is almost like a costume. But by other standards, Rock's attire is perfectly ordinary and is far from a proper costume. Even Benny's red Hawaiian shirt is more like a costume than what Rock wears.

Mikasa Ackerman Prefers Her Scout Uniform (Attack On Titan)

Eren Yeager eventually started wearing a variety of outfits and disguises that were kind of like uniforms by Attack on Titan's own standards, but that's not so true for his old friend, Mikasa Ackerman. She nearly always wears her Scout uniform, and she feels most comfortable being dressed for battle. She doesn't fancy herself a model.

Mikasa's only unique accessory is that red scarf of hers, which symbolizes her and Eren's childhood bond. She nearly always wears it on her uniform, but in the wake of Eren's descent into villainy, that scarf's symbolism didn't quite feel the same.

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