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26 Fun Valentine's Day Party Ideas for a Celebration of Love

Good Housekeeping logo Good Housekeeping 2/3/2022 Mariah Thomas

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love, from your romantic partner and best friend to your family and supporters guided you throughout your life’s journey. While you can always gift your loved ones presents to express your affection, hosting a Valentine’s Day party that's filled with memorable decorations and activities is a fun way to bring everyone together (and make the day extra special).

With our list, you’ll find ideas perfect to help you decorate and add a V-Day twist to your regular home decor. You’ll also discover creative ways to host the event — from a more cozy-themed approach with a rom-com movie night (or a full on binge of The Bachelorette) to an art lover’s haven with an at-home paint and sip. No matter what idea you choose to incorporate into your party, your guests will feel all the love.

1. Game Night

Games are a great way to break the ice for guests that are newly acquainted. Adding a V-Day twist will make them a go-to for your event. If you can't think of any on your own, purchased ones (such as this Valentine's Bottle Toss Game) will make fun activities for your guests.

2. Romantic Comedy Movie Night

Who doesn't love a good rom-com? Gather your closest friends and family members together to binge-watch your favorite movies about love. From Just Friends with Ryan Reynolds to Last Holiday with Queen Latifah, expect a night of heartwarming tear-jerkers and the occasional "aww" moments. Set up a romantic movie room — and don't forget the popcorn and cotton candy.

3. Spa Party

When's the last time you and your friends had a spa day? Host a V-Day themed spa day to relax. While Valentine's Day is for expressing your love for others, it's also about showing love for yourself. You can check out these seven expert tips for an at-home spa facial for inspiration.

4. Wine and Chocolate Party

Have your guests unwind with a wine and chocolate party. Purchasing pink wine glasses and heart-shaped chocolate would add a festive touch to the occasion.

5. Make DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

Add a crafty aspect to your V-Day party by having guests make their own Valentine's Day cards. Our list of DIY Valentine's Day card ideas can help if you're on the hunt for unique options.

conversation heart cards diy valentine © Kate Sears conversation heart cards diy valentine

6. Set Up a DIY Photo Booth

For your V-Day party, adding a photo booth is a creative way to keep your guests entertained (and for them to have memories of your event forever). While you can create one before the event starts, you can also invite guests to help you with this DIY project. Make sure to have a colorful backdrop (pink and red are ideal for this holiday, natch) and include balloons and props.

7. Baking Party

While you can serve V-Day themed treats at your party, another engaging idea is hosting a baking party. There are so many treats you can make, from red velvet cookies and pecan pie bars to short bread squares and cookie shooters. Here's a list of Valentine's Day cookies your guests will love making.

GHK020119_060 © Kat Teutsch GHK020119_060

8. Wear Valentine’s Day Costumes

An easy way to spice up your party is to have guests come in V-Day themed attire. This means having them wear red, pink or white — or costumes such as a giant heart or a Cupid suit (don't forget his arrows!).

9. Smash a Heart Piñata

What's a better way to celebrate love than by hitting a piñata? Especially when it's pink and shaped like a heart. Stuff the piñata with heart-shaped candy and let your guests have a go. You might like this small yet shiny heart-shaped one for your event.

Heart Pull String Pinata © Heart Pull String Pinata


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10. Set Up a Kissing Booth

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Is love in the air for your guests? Find out by setting up a kissing booth at your party. DIY your ideal kissing booth in your space where guests can take pictures and celebrate their love.

Kisses Sign © Kisses Sign


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11. Guess the Song

Music can make or break an event. So at your V-Day celebration, have a mix of romantic tunes about love that'll make your guests want to dance. You can even turn it into a game where you have them guess the song that's playing.

12. DIY Valentine’s Wreath Making

Here's another project to keep everyone engaged. Check out our DIY Valentine's Day wreath ideas for inspiration and have your guests create their own to take home.

WDY020121_026 © ALEX MATA WDY020121_026

13. Heart Wall Art

If you're unsure of how to decorate your space for the event, wall art is a good way to start. Decorate your walls with red, pink and white paper hearts. You can even print out small-sized pictures of your family and friends and stick them to your wall to make a large heart.

14. V-Day Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards are an ideal way for guests to snack throughout the day. You can have different boards with a range of tasty options. If you want to make a candy board, add some pink and red M&M's, heart-shaped chocolate pretzels and xoxo gummies.

Valentine's Day Party Ideas Charcuterie Board © pamela_d_mcadams Valentine's Day Party Ideas Charcuterie Board

15. V-Day Cocktails

Spruce up your party menu with seasonal pink or red drinks. For some inspiration, look through our list of easy and romantic cocktails perfect for Valentine's Day. From spiked hot chocolate to berry rhubarb punch, there are plenty of visually appealing (and delicious) cocktails for your occasion.

GHK120120_102 © Mike Garten GHK120120_102

16. Decorate With Heart Balloons

Add to your Valentine's Day decor with an array of pink, red and white balloons throughout the space. Balloons make merry and easy party decorations, and with the right color and shape, your party will be a colorful V-Day escape.

17. Valentine’s Heart Pizza

You can order heart-shaped pizza for your guests or you and your loved ones can enjoy making your own.

gettyimages-1097816962 © Radionphoto - Getty Images gettyimages-1097816962

18. V-Day Themed Brunch

Weekend mornings are a great time for brunch, which is the perfect opportunity to spend time with family and friends. Host a Valentine's Day-themed brunch with an array of delicious meals (check out our easy V-Day breakfast ideas) and add some colorful cocktails (strawberry shortcake mimosas, anyone?).

gettyimages-1294939955 © jenifoto - Getty Images gettyimages-1294939955

19. Paint and Sip Party

Paint and sips are especially fun when done in a relaxing environment. Stock up on painting essentials and have your friends and family over for a night of drinks, painting and laughter.

20. Karaoke Party

Put everyone's voice to the test with a karaoke party. Sing over your favorite romantic tunes (which hopefully includes John Legend's "All of Me") and have a day full of fun.

21. Fondue Night

Fondue is a tasty and romantic Valentine's Day idea everyone would enjoy. You can serve cheese fondue for dinner and chocolate fondue for dessert (deliciously served with assorted marshmallows or fresh fruit).

22. Personalized Goodie Bags

Give out personalized goodie bags after your party or have your guests create their own. To show love for others you may not know, you and your family could also have a party where you arrange V-Day goodie bags to donate to children in need.

WDY020121_039 © Mike Garten WDY020121_039

23. Wine Swap

Wine lovers will appreciate the idea of a wine swap party. Have everyone bring their favorite wine to pair with flavorful hors d 'oeuvres for a festive celebration.

24. Favorite Things Party

Favorite things parties are incredibly entertaining. If you're new to them, here's how it works: you decide the number of gifts (and price range) for your guests to bring. Then, everyone explains what they brought and why it's one of their favorite things. After that, guests can choose the present they want, or you can select a name randomly from a bowl for each gift.

25. Take Polaroid Photos

Polaroids are great to have for any occasion. They print your photos on the spot and give you the chance to remember the special moments in your life. Bring a Polaroid for your party and take pictures of your guests, then stick them to your wall for everyone to see (you can even make heart-shaped wall art of your images at the end).

Instant Film Camera + Film Bundle © Instant Film Camera + Film Bundle


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26. Secret Cupid Gift Swap

With this tradition, once you have the names of everyone who plans to attend, scramble their names together and assign someone to each person to offer a gift. Have your guests share a brief virtual or email-friendly introduction. When they meet for the first time at your party, let the presents and conversation begin.


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