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6-Year-Old Orders $1K Of Food From Grubhub Giving Parents a Shock

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Keith Stonehouse, a Michigan resident, was in for an unexpected surprise when an assortment of food from various restaurants was delivered to his home after allowing his young son, Mason, to play a game on his phone. Unknowingly, the father was faced with a $1,000 bill resulting from the accidental orders.

The incident led not only to a series of unscheduled deliveries but also the possibility of the family being featured in an advertising campaign.

The food rapidly piled up at Keith Stonehouse’s Detroit-area home after he allowed his son, Mason, to play a game on his phone before going to bed on Saturday night. The child unintentionally placed orders from multiple restaurants using his father’s Grubhub account, leading to the unexpected deliveries.

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Mason’s mother, Kristin Stonehouse, informed The Associated Press on Thursday that Grubhub had reached out to the family and offered them a $1,000 gift card as compensation. Grubhub officials have not yet responded to the AP’s request for comment but are considering the possibility of featuring the family in an online marketing campaign.

Keith Stonehouse was home alone with his son while his wife was at the movies when Mason began ordering a variety of dishes from Grubhub, including jumbo shrimp, salads, shawarma, chicken pita sandwiches, and chili cheese fries. One Grubhub driver after another arrived at their Chesterfield Township residence, each bearing a different delivery.

Keith Stonehouse described the situation to, comparing it to a Saturday Night Live sketch. He commented, “I’m not quite amused yet, but I can chuckle along with the rest of the group to some extent. It’s a significant sum of money, and it appeared out of nowhere.”

The young Mason placed so many orders from different establishments that Chase Bank flagged the activity as suspicious and issued a fraud alert to Keith Stonehouse. As a result, the bank declined a $439 order from Happy’s Pizza. However, Mason’s $183 jumbo shrimp order from the same restaurant was processed and ultimately delivered to the family home.

The unexpected incident has left the Stonehouse family both bewildered and amused by their son’s accidental Grubhub spree. Grubhub’s response and potential inclusion of the family in a marketing campaign may bring some lightheartedness to the situation, but the experience serves as a reminder of the importance of monitoring children’s activities on electronic devices.

In the end, the Stonehouse family is left with a unique story and an array of food, as well as a newfound understanding of the unexpected consequences that can result from letting a child play on a smartphone without supervision.

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